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  1. I have avast! 9.0.2011 and the latest CCleaner and still can't do anything with the avast.ui startup key. I don't have any other program there (I keep my system superclean! ). I'll try it with another computer with avast! and Windows 8.1 (mine is Windows 7 SP1). Best regards.
  2. Disabling avast! selfdefense module one can manage without a problem the keys in Startup, indeed. How it's possible that avast! selfdefense module affects all startup keys? :S It's nonsense, and that didn't happen in the past. avast! is so buggy (or at least weird) lately, but I think CCleaner has some little bug with the issue as well... Anyway, I hope the problem is solved soon, because I don't want to disable the selfdefense everytime... It's easier to go to the key in the Regedit directly... Still love CCleaner and I hope it keeps as good or even better. Same goes for avast!, which lately isn't doing as good as it used to, even though it's still nice... Best regards. PS: The problem occurs on Windows 8.1 when using avast! as well.
  3. Yes, I'm using avast! Free Antivirus 2014, but when I open Regedit (CCleaner closed), even when the error popup message isn't displayed, I can't see any key on Run... :S Never happened to me something like this when using CCleaner or Regedit. Maybe it's a bug on avast!, or maybe CCleaner is buggy on that Open in RegEdit command... :S I don't really know, but I'm glad I can help somehow reporting the problem. It's pretty annoying to be unable to manage startup keys... I don't like to mess with msconfig. That's why I use CCleaner, to avoid going to all the subkeys on Regedit. Best regards.
  4. Even with a reboot, the Run key has no other values than the default one, while CCleaner and msconfig show the startup keys. It also gives the acces denied error on CCleaner when trying to enable/disable or delete any startup key, even whithout hitting “Open in RegEdit”. It happens on two different computers with Windows 7 (x64 Ultimate SP1), and using CCleaner v. 4.05.4250 and also the latest version (and I guess with all previous versions, really...). I hope the Regedit didn't get corrupted... This bug needs to be fixed soon! Should we post a bug report? Best regards.
  5. The same issue happens to me, and I think I can help because I know what causes it. It happens when I click “Open in RegEdit...” on any “Startup” key in CCleaner. Then Regedit opens and says something like the key can't be opened. And no matter what I do, since then I can't open the key unless I reboot (haven't tried it yet, but I guess and hope it will work OK if I reboot!). And also can't enable/disable or delete any key on Startup in CCleaner. So the bug starts with that “Open in RegEdit” command... Please, fix it! CCleaner is such a wonderful program...
  6. Thank you for the kind replies and the info. I've sent a message to MrT. I hope the big mistake will be corrected someday... And not so late.
  7. Thank you for the answer! At last, a moderator talks to me! If you read some of my previous posts (the first ones in this forums), you'll see I offered my Spanish knowledge and my time. I tried to contact admins or mods, but nobody answered. If you tell me how can correct and improve CCleaner Spanish translation myself, I'll do it happily. What is happening to me in this forums is really unbelievable. In all the programs I've helped with, developers and admins never ignored me like so much... Regards.
  8. Version 3.05 and it's still uncorrected. No one seems to care around here. If you are not interested in the quality of every aspect of your software, just don't create sofware. Spanish translation do cointains errors, mistakes... I'm telling you... I can't do more...
  9. The quality of the Spanish translation for CCleaner is not as good as it should be. There's some orthographical mistakes (I commented them in some topics before), but one of them is really REALLY heavy and nobody seems to care (time passes and mistakes are still there). I would like that someone tell me how I can contact with Spanish translator for CCleaner in order to tell him/her if he/she can correct, at least, the worst mistakes. I tried to contact admins and mods of this forums, but nobody is responding. I don't know what more to do... I think that it's very important to translate good software properly. Everything should be well translated. Regards.
  10. Version 3.01 and that really huge mistake is still present. Sobrescritura never should be written as *Sobre-escritura. Never. The rules are clear. All dictionaries tell what's the correct form. No discussion. No doubt.
  11. I'm not sending more messages to anyone. I strongly think that Piriform should reconsider a lot of things, especially the (Spanish) translators aspect. Regards.
  12. I found a really severe mistake in the Spanish translation of the latest version of CCleaner. ?Como norma general, los prefijos y elementos compositivos se escriben soldados a la palabra a la que se unen, sin guion intermedio.? Real Academia Espa?ola sobrescribir. 1. tr. Escribir o poner un letrero sobre algo. 2. tr. Poner el sobrescrito en la cubierta de las cartas. Real Academia Espa?ola So it should always be Sobrescritura. And other type of pretty big mistake that was already present in older versions and I wanted to let you know: Aunque en la lengua oral tienden a tomar marca de plural, las siglas son invariables en la escritura; por ello, cuando se quiere aludir a varios referentes es recomendable introducir la sigla con determinantes que indiquen pluralidad. Debe evitarse el uso, copiado del ingl?s, de realizar el plural de las siglas a?adiendo al final una s min?scula, precedida o no de ap?strofo. Real Academia Espa?ola
  13. Well, if you do not want your program translations to be corrected, they will not be corrected. I can't do more for you. No all developers take the same care of his creations... As we say in Spanish, no hay peor ciego que el que no quiere ver. And to leave all clear: 1. OK, sobrescribir is the recommended form (see Real Academia Espa?ola). It's the simplified and recommended version, but double e is the logical form. Anyway, there's no problem with this. 2. Siglas, Real Academia Espa?ola 3. Of course there are many more Latin Americans than Spanish people, but that means something? If a billion thinks something wrong, it would be correct or true? Please... Good bye.
  14. The worst linguistics (I mean, HEAVY mistakes) are in the installer wizard, but I care more about the program itself (anyway, you should consider correcting the installer wizard linguistics...), even it has less mistakes (but all mistakes are important in their own way), you use it a lot more than the installer wizard. Well, I'm telling you now some of that Recuva Spanish translation linguistical mistakes: 1. In Recuva Wizard: *CDs should be CD, or better, discos. In Spanish, initialisms (siglas) should not have pural, at least in writing. 2. In Recuva Wizard and some more locations: video is used, for some reason, in most Latin American regions, but in Spain is used ONLY v?deo, which is the etymological accent for that word. So, more than a mistake, it's an imprecise vocabulary (you should consider making two versions of the Spanish translation, just like almost all programs do, one for Spain Spanish and other for general American Spanish). I am from Spain, so I use Spanish Spain, but I know a lot of ?general? linguistics and enough Latin American linguistical habits to see all the mistakes a text written in Spanish, whatever the dialect would be, can have. Tell me if you need my help. If I don't need to know programming or install huge software I can correct your Recuva Spanish translation, and/or its installer wizard. Regards.
  15. OMG, so the problem is that you don't trust me? Amazing... There are SEVERE mistakes in the Spanish translation, what's so unbelievable? Even if you don't know nothing of Spanish, you should see some of them... They are really important. Anyway, if can help, I can say I've corrected and even done all by myself a lot of software translations (if you want some names, ask me). By the way, I'm getting tired of all of this, so I may be not wanting to help this project anymore very soon. Regards.
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