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  1. I am now running V2.35.1223 also, but I run Windows 7 and Firefox. I no longer see any cookies left in my list even if I visit msnbc.msn.com. I notice that CCleaner is now deleting all of my LSO (Flash cookies) as well as the normal browser cookies. In short my observations of 2.35.1223 are not the same as yours. Our different environments probably explain that but at least all ends well after a reboot. Perhaps some XP users will weigh in.
  2. Thanks everybody. I have loaded the newest CCleaner version and I have successfully erased all of the cookies which show up in the Options/Cookies list (with Firefox as my browser). I am willing to conclude that the problem appears to be solved. I am also grateful to Alan for making me aware of the "Zombie Cookie" issue which Adobe has created and others are exploiting. I have installed the "Better Privacy" add-on in Firefox and I am now erasing the Adobe "super cookies" as well as the ordinary cookies. My god, it is an eternal battle to protect yourself from exploiters on the web. Thanks
  3. My final word on this. Alan inspired me to learn about "zombie cookies" and this article http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/news/2010/07/privacy-lawsuit-targets-net-giants-over-zombie-cookies.ars contains both a great explanation and a pointer to a remedy-add-on for Firefox users. It's worth checking. My zombie cookies are now gone.
  4. OK, let's quit this topic. I'll go back to version 223. I surrender.
  5. Good advice from all, but I use Firefox not Opera and the symptom persists. So I'm hoping another Firefox user confirms my story or offers a solution.
  6. Good to know. How do we get this to the attention of Piriform (newbys don't know these things)?
  7. Thanks for the tip. It's a good idea. Unfortunately I already have every type of multi-media application checked. If you or others think of any other things I might have missed I will welcome the advice.
  8. I'm running CCleaner 2.34.1200. Recently I've noticed that after running CCleaner some cookies listed in the "cookies to delete" column remain. I can't get CCleaner to delete them no matter what I do. Is this a known problem? Is anyone else seeing this?
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