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  1. Very very disappointed with Piriform. Like others, I'm now also getting the message that the registration key of my CCleaner Pro is no longer valid - despite being used on a single PC all the time, therefore not in breach of any t&c's. I asked Piriform support to sort out my licence issue and this is the response:


    "it would seem that our licence management system recently automatically disabled your licence for overuse when it was flagged as having been used on 13 distinct machines - which is naturally problematic for a single PC home-use licence.

    We understand that this sort of thing can happen over time, and a couple of options for you would be:



    • If you only need CCleaner for one PC I can create you a complementary replacement licence - although note that this would only last for 12 months and then need to be renewed at the prevailing rate.
    • If you need CCleaner for multiple computers, we have an offer on at the moment on 2 year licences of the 3 PC CCleaner Professional Plus bundle here [private link removed]
    • If neither of those options appeal, there is always the free version of CCleaner available from https://www.ccleaner.com which of course has no limit on the number of PCs.



    If the first option works for you then let me know and I can get that created for you."

    They clearly want one-time licence holders of Ccleaner pro to start paying. I'm not even going to take up their offer of a free 1 year licence.

    Goodbye Piriform, won't be touching any of your products ever again....even if they come with so called lifetime/one-off licence fees.


  2. I'm now getting a nag screen on my Pro version, never seen this before until today. Does that mean this will happen regularly until I take out a new subscription? Shame on you Piriform/Avast/whatever-you're-called for fraudulently selling the Pro version with a non-expiring, lifetime key. As others have already said, at the time i bought this (directly from Piriform website) around 2012-2013, there was nothing in the email order confirmation that stated the Pro Version had an expiry date.



  3. Hi,

    I purchased CCleaner pro a few years ago when it was sold for a one-time fee instead of the current yearly subscription. So technically, I have a non-expiring licence (ie a lifetime licence) so why is the program showing that my licence has expired?


    I can use the program without any issues except that I don't get auto updates. Why are Piriform not honouring the full software features (eg auto updates) for those who have a lifetime licence? With other software such as Malwarebytes, if you purchased a lifetime license then it gets honoured fully even though the software creator no longer offers such licences. Just feel a bit cheated by Piriform  as they didn't tell me at the time of purchasing my lifetime licence that feature X would stop working after X years....


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