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  1. Any chances of getting a Speccy slim installer? EDIT: Never mind. Will start using portable builds from now on.
  2. Great. Thank you for the fast reply.
  3. Aye, it would be nice to hear an official word on this subject.
  4. The slim installer is a go!
  5. Supporting a ten year old OS. Don't wanna be rude, but seriously... The market is very low to even consider such a thing, when the resources spent in supporting it can be spent in making the software even better for the new OSs.
  6. Will there be a slim installer for the newest version of Defraggler?
  7. Great. Thanks for the heads up. Will update now. So many changes, gotta love this piece of software.
  8. I use Filehippo's, maybe once every few weeks or so, just in case I've missed something. It has never found anything that needs updating, mainly because I always update the programs myself (though, I have autoupdate disabled for most of the software installed). I don't see the need to update checker though, because it takes only a minute or two to see which things have new versions available.
  9. I understand, just doing your job. Apology accepted, but actually, I'm the one who needs to apologize, so please accept mine.
  10. Well, I'm an official translator for Macedonian (finished Recuva, the other three should be done next week or so), so I won't be going away any time soon, don't worry. Just wanted to spread the word about the game, the guys are independent game developers so its kind of hard for them to market the game much.
  11. Okay, sorry, didn't know that. Though, I'm sure if I posted about WoW / SC2 / MW2, it would have just been transferred to the other forum, not marked as spam. Hah!
  12. Spam? :| What the hell? Games = Software, right? Also, was I banned like few hours ago? Seriously now, guys...
  13. I wanna pass some info about this great game ...
  14. I just installed Speccy 1.04.173, and I have a few suggestions about some things that I didn't like. These should give a better experience and control to the user. -"Choose Users" during the installer. This should be always visible, after you agree to the license. -"Choose Installation Location" should also be always visible, after you pass the "Choose Users" options. -An option to enable / disable version checking should be added in the "Install Options", where you choose which shortcuts to be added. -An option to reset the Publish Snapshot warning, in case the user previously clicked not be showed the warning again. -I see that version checking has been removed from this release. Will it be added in a future release (I personally never use auto-update, but some users may find that useful). Also, when will we be able to translate the program?
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