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  1. Many Thanks to You Willy2, I ticked off Office 2203 in apllications-section and this worked. What I could not do according to your other advice is to add any entries in the exclude-section concerning the registry. I tried to copy an paste but the 'ok'-button remained in 'silent grey'. Thanks again WolfH
  2. Hi, the Problem is that after running ccleaner (latest version, 2.34, German)important settings in Word 2003 are reset a.e. in 'extras/options/save' as well as in the autocorrect-settings. I'm running Win XP Prof SP3, MS office 2003 SP3. First I unmarked the items (temporary internetfiles, history, customized file etc.) step by step, every time the word-settings were deleted. In the End I unmarked every item, pushed 'analyze' and then run ccleaner: the result was the same. What's going on? What can I do? thanks in advance WolfH
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