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  1. i guess i dont need to worry about trim missing to mark deleted data because eventually ssd file system and OS file system of files valid and invalid be be synced
  2. but if there no trim enabled then OS cant tell the ssd that block is invalid so garbage collection will keep moving that invalid data around new writes will go to all free pages until none are left or until it hits a threshold then garbage collection is forced to look for invalid data ive read that some garbage collection can somehow search for invalid data and mark it without trim telling it but takes longer
  3. talking about defraggler zerofill for ssd's but what does zerofill fill drive with 1 or 0's does zerofill fill the blocks with data or not or does it write 1's to blocks to reset them to clean state if the ssd dont support trim how can garbage collection know that data is deleted
  4. i dont understand why defragger zero fill writes 0's to drive should't it be writing binary 1's to pages and blocks because how ssd programs pages and blocks Programmed block = binary value 0 erased block = binary value 1 or is it just to fill pages and blocks with data so after it deletes the data the ssd triggers trim command on all these blocks but it it mostly for ssd's that dont support trim or am i getting confused because file disk view is showing 0's even though it a binary 1
  5. it easy to trim a ssd in windows 7 and up with powershell Optimize-Volume -DriveLetter c -ReTrim -Verbose output- VERBOSE: Invoking retrim on (C:)... VERBOSE: Retrim: 0% complete... VERBOSE: Retrim: 100% complete. VERBOSE: Performing pass 1: VERBOSE: Retrim: 81% complete... VERBOSE: Retrim: 90% complete... VERBOSE: Retrim: 96% complete... VERBOSE: Retrim: 100% complete. VERBOSE: Post Defragmentation Report: VERBOSE: Volume Information: VERBOSE: Volume size = 236.60 GB VERBOSE: Cluster size = 4 KB VERBOSE:
  6. thanks for fixing this issue in latest version
  7. i just wanted to post my issue so it addressed
  8. laptop:latitude e5270 Drive: SK hynix SC308 SATA 256GB when using this laptop and running defraggler i saw that it detects drive as a hdd so i could not use trim command in defraggler also in health info it don't show drive info on left side hopefully you guys can update defragger to detect this ssd drive soon thank you
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