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    Hi, I also have some ideas for new features of Speccy! I think it could be useful to build in a new category with a fan-control so could see the actual rpm of all installed fans. It would be great if there would be the actual temperatures, too, so you can compare the rotation of the fans with the actual temperature and can see where a problem with too hot temperatures can be fixed. It could also be good to let Speccy play a sound when temperatures are too hot, so users running Speccy in background would notify that their system is to hot. Combined with the already named feature of integration in the system tray that would be a powerful feature. Another thing I would like to have changed is, that if I open a temperature diagram and then open another the first one disappears. I think it would be better if you can open as many diagrams as you want and close them separately. Another idea is to integrate the actual power usage of components or the whole system. I'm not sure if this is possible on all hardware, but my mainboard (Asus P5E) supports displaying the actual power usage of my CPU. For the temperature I would like to have displayed not only the actual, but also the highest in lowest while Speccy is running. That could be helpful to find problematic values. If you will build in my other ideas that would be the same for the fan rotation and the power usage. I think Speccy is a powerful tool!
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