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  1. cuggie

    Disk partitions

    Oh, I know it, I even have AMD on the HP computer I am using now. Butt {always the big but} I received the Intel P4 as a gift and it is hard to hurt their feelings. Anyway as this is my first building attempt ; if I messed it up and it will not work I will start over with AMD. Life is just a learning experiance. I will find out if Intel runs cooler than AMD. I hope it is ok if I post my buildf list here to see what you folks think? If not some one just let me know I should post it in a differant place. I am most interested in what video card I should have as I have no experiance with that. Just starting to play games on here. Thanks to Any and All for any input. " Smile alot - Makes people wounder what you're up too" Cuggie MoBo - MSI P4N SLI-FI Socket T[LGA 775] ATX Intel -$119.00 CPU - Intel P4 Processor 521 800MHz FSB - Free Case - Rosewill 114 A - 59.99 Keyboard/m Logitech LX 700 - 40.00 [on sale] Dell Moniter - 289.00 RAM Corsair 1GB(2 x 512 MB) 240 pin SDRM DDR2 533 (PC2 4200) - 73.00 Hard Drive WD Caviar SE 160GB Serial ATA 150 87.00 DVD Burner Plextor PX-740A 60.99 [rebate] Video Card eVAG 128-P2-N352 TX GeForce 6600LE 128MB PCI Express x 16 79.00 PS. forgive my typing
  2. cuggie

    Disk partitions

    Greetings to all. I am a new member. Just wanted to say thank you for this topic. I have just stared to build my first computer and was think I should plan on patition the new H/D. For a newbie there are so many thing to consider. Already had to return the new motherboard because it was socket 478 and the CPU was socket -LGA775. Live and learn. Just wanted to join in and say Thanks for the info. on partitions. Now I will have to study up on how to do it. Cugie
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