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  1. Thank you to both of you for help. In reply to both of your answers, is there any way that these parts of files that could potentially be left over could be restored without sitting down in front of my pc and actually searching for them? What I basically mean is, could my files somehow be leaked by the program (I know I sound stupid) or could someone I don't know over the internet somehow find these files? Though I don't think a hacker would waste their time on me, I do get extremely anxious about these things. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I'm really truly sorry if this sounds like a ridiculous question, but as I am the type to get very paranoid I just really want to ask this. Basically, I'm wondering if anyone other than myself can view or easily obtain any of the files that I recover or securely delete? I ask because I've securely deleted some sensitive files using Recuva, but now I'm slightly worried that it was an unsafe thing to do. I know Recuva is a trusted, credible program but I'm hoping some of the more expert users can set my mind at ease. Thank you in advance.
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