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  1. i support this suggestion. maybe CCleaner could use environment variable or something to detect the proper location of folders.
  2. for example, if my WINDOWS or Documents and Settings folder were on a different partition, would CCleaner still detect them?
  3. 1. Start CC 2. Click 'Cleaner' tab and then 'Analyze' button. 3. See a list of files that are up for removal. Please let me browse the list of files that are candidates for being deleted in a windows-explorer like UI So i can sort the list of files by filesize, or file extension, or creation date. This would make this area of CC much better imo. Thanks for a great product. Davey Dooey
  4. Windows Washer 6 is outdated. As well, some people say that it doesn't work in some areas, especially free space cleaning.
  5. Jack_BMN


    thanks for your fast and extensive reply! gonna play around with it I already changed it so it would run the portable without any regsettings but didn't know it could cause problems when the versions aren't the same. thanks again for your great work!
  6. Jack_BMN


    Hi, thanks for this great portable! I have one question though, is it possible to let it run even when CCleaner is installed on the system? I think this would be possible by bypassing the registry keys be?ng added and just starting the .exe can anybody please comment on this and possibly what changes need to be made to the .nsi thanks in advance!
  7. CCleaner doesn't looks its best at 120 DPI.
  8. I tried this program but my file is still unrecognizable. Looks so jumbled with numbers and letters. I don't what went wrong in the deleting process. Thanks for your help.
  9. I accidentally deleted a crucial work-related document using CCleaner. I've tried several times to restore the file using different file restoration programs. The problem is my file is now unrecognizable. It has a mixture of weird codes and numbers and letters. I don't know what happened. Does anyone know if CCleaner permanently overwrites files when it deletes them? I need some help. Thanks.
  10. A similar feature which is already available in CCleaner for IE. I would recommend that feature available for Mozilla Firefox too. Thanks.
  11. all you're doing is replacing the highlighted text with a space " ". can do that with any key, so if i typed "blah blah blah" and highlighted the middle blah and pressed "a" i would get "blah a blah"
  12. It seems they removed the link at this point Try this one: http://housecall.antivirus.com/housecall/start_frame.asp
  13. Two suggestions: 1. "Keep" checkbox next to each found item, or don't require a rescan after unchecking an item in the settings. Or rightclick & "Exclude" to gray out or remove the item. 2. Filter bar for found items. (Quickly see what items were found for an app.)
  14. I am having trouble installing a new version. I downloaded 1.28 and ran it but it couldnt install because ccleaner.exe could not be added. I tried to remove the older version with add/remove programs and it worked. But when I tried to install it still didnt work. I looked in program files and the ccleaner folder is still there with the ccleaner.exe still in it. I can rename it/chage it but not delete it. Anyone know how I could get rid of it?
  15. I wanna use them but im scared theyll mess something up. Menu order cache, ISS, etc. Thanks
  16. CCleaner is great already, however it is missing truely secure way of deleting data from HDD, which is Peter Gutmann scheme. Please implement it. Thanks
  17. How can i get rid of those other entries? thanks
  18. Are the utilities/services (under applications tab) already there (as in preset)? or are they there because i have those programs? it lits avg from grisoft but i dont use that...I DID use it, however. So basically im just confused as to whether it scans the PC and finds that you use those programs or if theyre pre listed.
  19. Give IE-Privacy-Keeper a try... http://www.unhsolutions.net/IE-Privacy-Keeper/index.html
  20. Jack_BMN

    .ini file?

    Give IE-Privacy-Keeper a try... I find it much more configurable... and can be setup as a "take along" version... http://www.unhsolutions.net/IE-Privacy-Keeper/index.html
  21. Jack_BMN

    Secure delete

    There's no Gutmann?? We definitely need Gutmann wipe. Come on...
  22. One thing (cant find it mentioned before but I might have searched incorrectly) would be to allow ccleaner to cean other accounts on a computer. I use ccleaner on alot of family and friends computers and it would help speed up cleaining of the machine if I could get all of them from the administrator account
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