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  1. I've ran into the same problem with defraggler 2.5/2.1, which I had ages ago with the version 1.20 (see "Defragmenting (0%)" forever).

    The problem details:

    1) The drive has ~25% of free space.

    2) Windows XP SP3 32-bit.

    3) Lenovo B550 with 320 GB drive.


    The defragmentation was running just fine up to 60%, where it stuck for a long time and didn't moving forward...

    The process loads both CPU cores up to ~50%.

    Restarting defraggler, rebooting the system don't help - the process sticks at the same location.


    The log file (generated with /debug key) is attached.

  2. If you access the "File list" can you defrag files individually (preferable the smaller ones)??


    Yes, I'm usually able to defragment files by selecting the whole directory with them (it doesn't work in some cases though).

    Defragmenting single file (I checked this only with few of them) is also possible.


    BTW same issue still occurs in the new version 1.21.209 :(

  3. Running another program, after defragmentation is finished, may be useful in the sample case (useful for developers):

    1) Before defragmentation all temporary files (which are generated during compilation ~10 GB) are removed.

    2) After Defraggler succeeds, the compiler is run to build the sources.


    I suppose a script can be written to manage this scenario, but I don't know how to tell Defraggler to quit after it finishes (some sort of command line option may help).

  4. I'm wondering if you are on the borderline of having sufficient free space left to carry out a defrag. The required amount is usually stated as about 12% of the drive size.



    thanks for the hint.


    It could be so that I had a lot of large files on the drive and too small free space.


    However today I've ran into the same problem on another drive, which has 34,5 GB free (25%) and only 15,7 GB in 13460 Fragmented Files.

    Defraggler seems to stuck at writing (trying to write?) something to the first sector, while reading from other sectors chaotically.


    I've disabled System Restore for this drive, but this change doesn't have any effect.

  5. I resized my system partition (primary, E: is assigned), and after that Defraggler v1.20 is not able to defragment it (though it was successful before).

    It just moves reading square (the yellow one) from the right bottom corner, and keeps the writing square (the green one) in the right top corner.

    It also says "Defragmenting (0%)" even after several hours of working.

    It crashed once in such state.

    Luckily no data loss occurred :)


    I've added "E:\System Volume Information" to the exclude list (as was proposed in http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=28761), but it has no effect.


    The size of the partition 30.9 GB, free space 3.2 GB.

    Fragmentation: 29%

    OS: Windows XP Pro SP2




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