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  1. 1080i the highest? Ah, no, 1080p is, and it's the future. If you want a TV that's "future proof' you'll want one that does 1080p, but they come at a price. If you want to get a TV that isn't too expenisve, and can do standard HD, just get one that can do a native 1280x720 or 1366x768 resolution (720p). Incase you didn't know 720p > 1080i 1080p > 720p http://alvyray.com/DigitalTV/Naming_Proposal.htm
  2. XGuNn3rX

    Game consoles

    First of all I want to say DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT buy an Intercooler. They are bad news. I've seen what they've done and they're actually worse for your console. Plus, the 360 is fine the way it is. It might run a tad hot, but I haven't had any problems. (to the original poster) And secondly, you'd be best off getting an Xbox 360, because lets face it, the PS3 is a flop, and if you aren't a non gamer/casual gamer, the Wii doesn't offer much. The 360 has the best line-up right now (undeniable), and (arguably) has the best line-up in the future. As I've already said, the Wii doesn't of
  3. Yeah, I might keep it disabled. Thanks for the reply.
  4. I've read on a few websites that keeping the DNS Client service enabled improves internet connection. I've also read that disabling does nothing.... Who is right? Does anyone actually know the truth?
  5. Australian dollars. Also, PS3 is $1,000 here.
  6. GI: What do you like about working on the PS3? How about the Xbox 360? Will there be any major differences between the two versions? H?gdahl: So far the two versions look pretty much the same ? quite unsurprisingly, since we use the same shader source code and content for both platforms. They will be identical gameplay-wise. There will only be very minor cosmetic differences, such as the PS3 will have better quality video for the in-game TVs and on the Xbox 360 we have a bit more room for textures in memory. "bu bu but teh 2 times powaful ps3!"
  7. Seriously, just stop the crap. I was trying to be nice about it and give you a chance to just admit you didn't own a 360 or Gears of War, but you continue to try and convince me. You were going to post a picture, but now you don't want to because you want to post a video. Why is that? Trying to buy some time? Stop the BS and stop lying.
  8. I'm guessing that was supposed to be funny? It wasn't.
  9. Gears of Wars comes out at the end of November. If you really own a 360, that's good, but Gears of War isn't out yet, and by you saying that you bought it, it makes me believe you are BSing us.
  10. Why do I find it hard to believe? Well not too long ago you were defending the PS3 strongly and now you've gone out and bought a 360 all of a sudden. And you also said you bought Gears of War (which isn't out yet).
  11. 360 currently has more announced titles.
  12. Not to sound like a d*ck, but I already posted news saying the PS3 was delayed till March (and on top of that, it could go past March 2007). And did you REALLY buy a 360? I find that hard to believe, no offence. And I'm guessing you pre-ordered Gears of War since it isn't out yet.
  13. Microsoft just owned the competition! And I wont even bother mentioning all the recently bad PS3 news. GG Sony, you wont be missed.
  14. GT HD: Up to $800 to play this game? September 20, 2006 - According to a post at Beyond3D an interview with Kazunori Yamauchi about the new Gran Turismo on PS3 in the latest issue of Famitsu has more details on microtransactions in the game. According to the article, shortly after PlayStation 3's launch there will be two versions of the new Gran Turismo HD, both have online multiplayer. Gran Turismo 5 will not arrive until 2008. Gran Turismo HD: Premium is a GT5 prologue that comes with two courses and 30 cars. Gran Turismo HD: Classic has no cars or courses and is meant to be a pl
  15. I think you're going to be surprised... And let me ask this... What are you going to say when PS3 comes last out of all three consoles?
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