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  1. I think Recuva is a great product especially when you click the wrong button and your work is gone. What i truly love best about Recuva is that some work or whatever that you do recover has the option of overwriting it for good. Great feature Piriform! The only down thing I've found is I put Recuva to the test with another freeware called XXXXXXX. Unfortunately XXXXXXX in Deep scan mode finds alot more stuff than Reuva does. XXXXXXXX does not have an option to overwrite though. I prefer Piriform any day for all their products,but I encourage them to get Rucuva to recover as much as XXXXXXX can!
  2. I think Recuva is a great tool. I'm hoping soon that Piriform makes it find more lost files because I've run "Disk Digger" on my XP machine and it found allot more files especially pictures. The problem with Disk Digger it doesn't have secure delete! Anyways,Recuva is superior I just hope it gets better at finding deleted files/photos.
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