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  1. I posted to this forum back in July when I updated to V2.33.1184 that CC could no longer see system restore points. Looks like the problem is still around. I hadn't checked back here for quite awhile so I thought I'd check now and see if it had been fixed. Oh well....This must be quite the stinker of a problem. I'm up to date with version 2.36.1233 and still restore points wont display. I hope a definitive cause can be found because I really liked that feature when it worked.
  2. No, I did not. So I did this-Not knowing when the right time to reboot would be, I first turned off system restore and rebooted. Then I reactivated system restore, selected a new restore point, verified that the created restore point had, in fact, been created. There was actually two points showing in system restore, one of them the one I created and one that was created when I turned it back on. I then rebooted again. Then I fired up cc and clicked on the system restore button. After waiting patiently, I was again staring at an empty listing. This is a bit disappointing. I really enjoyed having this feature. And as for Joe's comment, that is not how I see this. Before I upgraded cc to v2.33.1184 this feature worked. After upgrading cc to v2.33.1184 this feature did not work. It is as simple as that. System restore does work and shows restore points. My purpose in generating this dialogue is to let the gurus at cc that there appears to be some sort of bug going on here, one that I have seen talked about here and there through the forums. This tells me that I am not the only one seeing this and you know there are lots of others out there that also see this but aren't telling about it for whatever reason. I am hoping that a real fix is out there and I can get back to managing my restore points.
  3. I had previously done everything you said except I did not create a restore point. So I turned off system restore, re-enabled it and the created a restore point. Opened up cc and clicked on the system restore button, and waited patiently. Well, nothing showed again. Any other ideas to try?
  4. What does it mean to "turn off restore points"? Since I installed CC v2.33.1184 I haven't been able to display the restore points and I miss not being able to manage that. When I read this post I was encouraged but I looked around CC and System Restore on my C drive and, other than disabling System Restore and then re-enabling it, I don't know what else could be done. I did do that, but I still am unable to display the restore points in cc.
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