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  1. Well, that worked - ish... It put Office 2000 in the list of applications, but running it wiped evrything that I didn't want to lose (all my settings, etc) but didn't wipe the one thing I was after - the backup copies of documents, etc. No harm done, I have the Office settings backed up, and I can always set Word to not make backups. (Playing around has revealed that this has always been the case for Excel docs., for me, and I never realised this; so I obviously have never needed them!) kbr
  2. Hi. Thank you for that - I'll give it a twirl and see what happens. kbr
  3. Hi. It's beginning to look as if it was never supported - but it's not as old as '97, which is included in the winapp.ini. Elsewhere on the board is the suggestion that CC might not be able to work with Office 2000, thereby explaining its unique status of being ignored; but Office XP is included and, from what I understand, XP, at core, is merely 2000, with a couple of extra whistles and the occasional bell. Should I feel moved, I'll experiment with the .ini files, but it's easier to fall back on ToniArts' EasyCleaner - it cleans out my Office 2000 backup files. As for "moving
  4. Hi. Thanks for the reply - I'm fairly sure it used to do it. Maybe I'll try an earlier version. Cheers, kbr
  5. Hi. WinXP, SP3; CCleaner v.2.29.1111 CCleaner is not cleaning the rubbish (backup copies, etc) from my MS Office 2000. It may be because the version listed under the Applications tab is Office 2003. What can I do, if anything, to change this? (I did do an uninstall and reinstall of CCleaner, to no avail.) Regards, kbr
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