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  1. What processor are you running? some processors are happy to run around 80 degrees C, others will choke and die way before that. -Fred
  2. Strange... I have a similar problem regarding CPU reporting - my Toshiba laptop (Satellite A500/02S) comes with its stock software, 1 part of which is TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor, and which also reports on CPU temperature. At the moment, the Toshiba software reports my CPU being as 45 degrees C, while Speccy reports my temperature to be a full 4-5 degrees above that, saying it is 50 degrees. After writing this, the temperature has dropped to 38/43 degrees. How is this so? Cheers -Fred
  3. Fred.

    Feature requests

    I just realised that there is a category called network already existing. So scratch that as far as a feature request goes... Irha, which version of Speccy do you have? I have v1.02.156, and under the category of Operating System, it tells me the version of Win7 I'm running, the date I installed it, and my serial number of said installation. I reckon it would be great if there was the option of minimising it to the system tray, so perhaps one may have it running in the background and generating a graph of temperatures, ie the CPU, similar to the CPU activity graph of Windows Task Manager? Just another idea. -Fred
  4. Fred.

    Feature requests

    Hi, I thought I might make a thread to consolidate all possible feature requests for future releases into one thread - to make it easier rather than have topics here and there everywhere. Is it planned for Speccy to branch out into a benchmarking tool? I can see its market opening up further if this feature is added, though I acknowledge there would be an immense amount of work for this to happen. Also, it would be great if network adapters were mentioned in the lists as well. Maybe a new category instead of landing under Peripherals? Cheers -Fred
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