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  1. The slim build seems to have installed OK but I notice the download page says "Builds below are for system admins and advanced users. They are not for distribution or mirroring". I am not a PC whizkid (I am 82 from the neck down) and I don't quite understand this.
  2. Windows XP SP3. CCleaner Free setup file downloads and unpacks - but goes no further and will not install. Have tried all suggested solutions without success.
  3. Every so often an item appears in CCleaner Tools/System Restore - Installed Windows XP Wdf01009. Anyone know what this is - installed from where?.
  4. I have Avast Antivirus and it was normally enabled in 'Startup' - but suddenly it has disappeared altogether from the Ccleaner Startup list.
  5. Tried everything - CCleaner 5 is clunky and slow on XP - previous version was smooth and fast.
  6. Tried this - makes no difference. The problems only began after update to v5 - so it would seem that something about this updated version is the cause.
  7. I find the following : Windows 7 - CCleaner v5 Analysis and cleaning fast - almost instantaneous Win XP SP3 - CCleaner v5 - Analysis and cleaning slow and intermittent - for instance analysis spends ages on Internet Explorer Cookies - even when there are none.
  8. There are certainly problems with XP SP3 - since updating to v5 analysis and cleaning is much slower and stutters and stops occasionally.
  9. Thanks - I have unticked IE History OK but I can't figure out how to exclude (or even find!) index.dat.
  10. Yes - index.dat seems to be where it hangs for a while.
  11. I have CCleaner - latest version- on an XP Desktop and a Vista Laptop. On the Laptop when I press 'Run Cleaner' it hangs for ages at about 5 per cent- Internet Explorer History - even when there is almost nothing in History. Afeter some time it goes on to finish cleanup. On the XP Desktop there is no such problem.
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