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  1. I updated CCleaner and ran it. I didn't realize until later in the day I opened Firefox and restore session didn't come up. I thought back to what I may have done which led to this. CCleaner now clears Firefox session. Well, howdy doo dah day, now I lost all the tabs I had
  2. I don't actually know because I never look at the Event Viewer, but I assume it records error popup windows, otherwise I don't see anything related anyway. This error, "Unknown system error: 0x80041002", is not a popup error. It's just the text shown under all sections, previously said. Where the technical information for each thing should be shown in the program
  3. Windows XP, I replaced my video card and PSU, before that it worked fine
  4. I get "Unknown system error: 0x80041002" under all sections
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