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  1. Hi guys! I am not sure if this is in the right section,But I think it might be. Anyways..I have used Recuva a few times before,And eventually I got a new ipod. I still have my original one,And they both work fine. I just felt like I needed another ipod,Instead of waiting to upload pictures on my other one. Lol. {It's a very long story..} So,After I synced all of my songs onto my ipod with itunes,I opened up Recuva and chose to scan my ipod for the missing pictures I'm desperately trying to recover. But,Keep in mind the one I synced,And still do,Is not my first one. So,Nothing pulled up. Except for album artwork? I'm wondering..Is that all of the pictures Recuva will pull up? I only sync my second ipod. And I tried scanning it. There was only 'album artwork',What I'm looking for is actual PICTURE files. If I plug in my original ipod,Everything will be lost..To put it in a simple term:I'm waiting for someone to upload pictures of a certain special someone,And they haven't. And I have all of the picture of them on my original ipod,But not on the computer. I'm sorry if none of this makes sense. LOL. It's a very long story actually,AND I don't really know the best way to explain it. :/ My original ipod still has everything on it since the last time I synced it. {Which was september last year,Unfortunately.} But my second one has no pictures,Or videos..Only music. I'm actually sharing my second ipod with someone as well. The main question on my mind is:Everytime I plug in my second ipod,And open up Recuva to try and find the missing pictures from any ipod..Will it only bring up 'album artwork'? Or do I have to plug in MY original ipod? I would,But lol..The pictures on my ipod can not be recovered..As I don't have them on my computer. :/ Thanks
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