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  1. Ooh, aah !! I think I've done it. I went to "help & support", searched for "schedule task" and opened the "task scheduler". I then "created a basic task", adding the /AUTO flag (was that necessary?). I can't recreate what I did without making a new task, but, at some point, I was offered the chance of "granting the highest privileges" or suchlike. On rebooting the computer, I couldn't see anything happening, but getting CCleaner to analyse manually it found nothing to delete. So that looks like SUCCESS !!!! Thanks to Lyronx and Nergal (where do you get those names from?) for your help.
  2. Hello, Nergal. When I was using CCleaner under Vista, I did get a message that UAC permission was needed and was able to click and force CCleaner to run. But under W7 I don't get that message. No, I am not going to lower the level of the UAC, but haven't tried to set up a scheduled task. See if you can find how to do this before I do !! BW Philip
  3. Thanks for your reply, Lyronx. CCleaner works perfectly once the computer has booted (although Windows does ask if I want to allow it to modify my computer), but just doesn't run on startup. I have installed startupmanager (thanks for the link) and CCleaner was already on the list, with its box ticked and the flag /AUTO. I have rebooted the computer, but no difference.
  4. Good morning from London. Since I graded to Windows 7, CCleaner won't run on startup, even though the option is selected. Can someone tell me what I have done wrong, please? Many thanks. Philip V2.32.1165
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