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  1. I have 2 suggestions: Show date and time of last cleaning or analysis following "Cleaning Complete" and "Analysis Complete". I clean history, cookies, etc., several time per day and it would be handy information to have readily available. Since the introduction of 2.33, the method of cleaning sqlite databases in Firefox has changed. I have not been able to get information on the forum regarding the CC rules for cleaning the databases or how/if the user can change the rules. Giving the user more control over how/when the databases are cleaned would be a great help. Currently, if I use the current CC version, I must use the old Firefox manual "vacuum" method for each database; I prefer not having another add-on to perform just that function. Thanks. Keep up the good work on CCleaner -- a great tool!
  2. OK, so nobody seems to know how to change the new version 2.33 sqlite databases cleaning options for Firefox. I am a long time user of CCleaner and would like to continue using it, but version 2.33 does not seem to be cleaning/sweeping the sqlite databases as effectively as version 2.32 dit. So, alternately, can anyone tell me what the built-in criteria might be in CCleaner 2.33 for "when needed" in cleaning sqlite databases?
  3. The improvements for CCleaner 2.33 lists, among other items, "Improved database compacting to only run when needed". The "when needed" part puzzles me. What are the default parameters used to determine "when" to clean a database (Firefox)? Can the parameters be changed by the user? Some preference or .ini file entry? If so, how are the parameters changed? Thanks.
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