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  1. Thanks, and i found out that User Assist History cleans all the Used Programs and Apps from the Start Menu.
  2. Like Adobe Reader 9 Windows Media Center Windows Live Programs, Movie Maker, Writer, Photo Gallery and Mail. As most people have this stuff, it would be nice to have it in CCleaner. Who agrees with me?
  3. You probably just turned it off in Windows Features. Also chances are it would have files left when you turned it off.
  4. Aethec i did a uninstall of Norton 2009 and it went fine it was a complete clean uninstall, and Avast works Fine. So yeah i have Avast.
  5. Thanks for this find, i have Windows 7 Professional, and this might just come in handy.
  6. If you can install XP you should its much better than Vista, if its XP Professional you should probably downgrade to it, your computer will feel like a upgrade but will look like a downgrade. I dont get why people get such trouble with Windows.Old folders when i upgraded Windows, i could delete Windows.Old by Right Clicking it and click Delete than emptying the Bin.
  7. What does Wipe Free Space do? What does the User Assist History do? And does Desktop Shortcuts really delete all of your shortcuts? What do they do in CCleaner?
  8. Sora96

    Office 2010

    Thanks for the help.
  9. Sora96

    Office 2010

    I previously had the Microsoft Office 2010 Trial installed on my Computer (Running Windows 7 Professional) I un installed as i was about install Office 2007 (Full Version). But Office 2010 remains in the CCleaner list, i searched my Computer and there are no Office 2010 Files left on my Computer after un installation. I used CCleaner to clean my computer and then my Registry and cleaned/fixed everything. Still it remains. Restarted tried. Windows and Microsoft Programs are up to date. System is Up to Date. CCleaner is Up to date. Any help would be great.
  10. I Analyze the Computer, and a lot of the time Internet Explorer files are found like history and temp. But i haven't used it. As i use Google Chrome. So why is that sometimes IE Files are found, when its not even being used?
  11. I'm using a Norton Internet Security 30 Day Trial At the moment because it came pre installed on my Windows 7 Pro 32 Bit. Once it expires i'm going to need a free Anti Virus what one should i get? I'm thinking of Avast or Microsoft Security Essentials.
  12. Nice but for the next version Fix the Office 2010 Trial stays on list after being Uninstalled. Also fix the Google Chrome Clean up bug.
  13. Whats the point of this when we have the Windows Disk Defragger
  14. I have used other programs that detect more clutter on My Hard Drive like MCAFFE Quick Clean its capable of freeing up Hole Gigs, so i reckon CCleaner should be able too. The Registry Cleaner should be able to clean more i say.
  15. When i clear Google Cromes Cache for some reason Gmail and Youtube wont work properly. Its kinda like viewing it in Basic view when your not really. Theres a easy fix to it just by clearing Browsing History and Cache in Crome itself. But i would like this too be fixed in the APP itself. I installed Office 2010 Trial, and then uninstalled it as i was about to install Office 2007 Full Version. CCleaner still for some reason kept Office 2010 in its list, i have searched my Hole Computer for any Office 2010 Files but there are none, and i have re installed CCleaner but this doesn't work. And CCleaner is UP TO Date. So Please Fix these bugs.
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