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  1. Many thanks - I'll try it in a few days. Sorry I hadn't replied earlier, only I have been away
  2. CC version is v2.34.1200 I don't know whether it occurred in earlier versions of CCleaner as I have only recently installed CC on the Office 2003 pc. Enter a return address under envelopes and labels. Save document Run CC, the return address is still there Switch the pc off Switch on again and the return address has disappeared.
  3. Windows XP, sp3, Office 2000 and 2003. I am losing the return address in Word having run ccleaner. A friend who has Office 2003 also has the same problem and requires my help at solving the problem. I would appreciate your help.
  4. I tried changing the backslash, but no joy. After all - it is just a copy of the text posted earlier in this thread. The version of Office I am using is Office 2000, but a friend (who requires the change) uses Office 2003. Is that my problem?
  5. I have the problem of the return address being 'lost' in Word after having run ccleaner. I tried to do as you suggested, but I have problems. When I go to try and exclude a registry entry, it doesn't seem to be listed. I select registry key, on browse, change to HKCU and type in HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\10.0\Word\Data\Settings, but OK is still greyed out - so I can't set it!
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