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  1. Is there still a direct link, as there once was, to make any size donation. I don't always have $20 or whatever on Paypal, but was making small donations when I was able to use Piriform, to make life easier.
  2. I have tried to search as best I could to find a current complete builds list for all 4 Items, and cannot determine if one exist. I have used all but Recuva with fantastic results. Thankfully I've never needed it. Is there a list of shortcuts to the builds lists? Thanks in advance, RB To all that have ventured to help thanks: the issue has been resolved.
  3. B)Over the years I've had good luck with Trend Micro and Webroot, but both are going up constantly, and are hard on resources. MSSE is from Microsoft, light on resourses, FREE, updated in real time, and has kept me worry free for over a year. Give it a try, It takes a while on full scan, but regular quick scans are around 50 seconds, on a fine tuned machine.
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