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  1. Well i mean if its a "Recovery tool" it should have the option to make a complete clone, i mean what can recuva do if you get harddrive error?
  2. Since recuva is a backup application mostly it should have support for cloning drives, i mean like i put another drive to my pc and want it just as a complete backup of all on my disk, make it bootable.... and then i could just take it out and store it if i get harddrive failure // LilleCarl
  3. Hello, the scheduler Should be able to schedule more than one drive so you can defragment them each week or similiar without thinking about it, also there should be an option so the defrag doesent start if the computer is in use and wait untill it's not in use anymore. Also it should be great to have a bakground process that slowly defrags the computer 24/7, this might be hard or impossible but it would be great. Also you should be able to choose the priority more exactly(not just with the windows process priority) i mean like it just take it easy and defrag slower // LilleCarl
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