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  1. Yea i kicked his ass for that ....hes 15 so he can know himself but...this kids today BTW Thanks for helping from first time I will and i will backup Thank you too for your help:)
  2. Problem Fix....My younger brother downloaded porn.....(.exe)....and with an antivirus i deleted and now it works normaly...thank you for advices and close topic.
  3. My problem it's after install i want to open it...btw i'm using CCleaner from a wile so i know the options but after install it's opening normal then close in 1-2 seconds i dont analyze or clean nothing just open it
  4. Sp2 it's the best,it's clean no update no nothing...like version from Microsoft, and i don't need an antivirus...a lot of resorces lost...and what i'm using it's virus-free
  5. i just formated my Pc and i installed CCleaner the last one ccsetup232 i think.So i try to open it after installing and after 1-2 seconds it's closing atomatly.I dont have no antivirus and i'm sure i dont have no virus.I tryed to run it in different compatibility but nothing...i tryed all the choices...so what i Shoul do? PS:I'm running on Windows SP2 2002 Clean
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