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  1. CCleaner hangs when I check the Chrome option: --Clean Browser Cache I can clean this cache manually from within Chrome, but regardless whether i do this or not prior to using CCleaner unless I uncheck this option in CCleaner I can not complete any CCleaner analysis nor delete operation in main mode.
  2. for the first time ever, your latest 323 build hangs up on the chrome section of your cleaning mode, then causes chrome to crash after unintall and reinstall several times, same problem, so i reinstalled the prior build (i had kept a copy of that exe file for 322. 1) has anyone else experienced this? 2) will restore registry continue to work after all these install/uninstalls? (the points seem to be there.) windows 7 home premium on hp notebook 2g ram
  3. Very confused about CCleaner's Registry Cleaner self-backup and ERUNT. The registry backup option your program offers is easy to use. Yet the forum suggests using ERUNT to backup the registry. Why use ERUNT (quite complicated after install to setup and use) when CC's own 'do you want to create a registry backup?' option is so simple? sidebar: I've had problems of all kinds that System Restore fixes. Is this a third option? Is CC's registry back-up related to a restore point?
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