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  1. Thanks for the information. I have installed new version. All seems well.
  2. Thanks. The link in your reply was not like the page I found. However I have bookmarked yours.
  3. I've accidentally solved this. If you go to the piriform webpage and click upgrade Ccleaner free. Then download it is blocked by Malaware bytes stating it has pups. I go back and see it has another programme. ( cannot remember what). However I went to your FAQ section and clicking difficulties upgrading I saw at the bottom in green click here to upgrade. This sent me to I think another Piriform page where I was able to download the new version without add on's and not blocked by Malaware bytes.
  4. AS above: This is due to Piniform now adding other programmes. I do not want these. How can I upgrade without add ons please?
  5. Unable to upgrade ccleaner because it comes with other programmes. I do not want the other programmes. How do I upgrade without these add ons please?
  6. recently when cleaning using ccleaner it does not clean internet explorer. When I click clean the result is skipped for temp files, cookies etc. Any idea why please? version 5.35 ccleaner free. Has worked fine up to now.
  7. I wish to remove all browsing activity including logs and all types of data. How do I do this please? Thanks.
  8. How do I keep some of the items suggested for deleting whilst deleting the rest please?
  9. Can I safely delete everything cc says is a problem,especially from the registry. Even if I save registry before deleting I would not have a clue how to put them back! thanks.
  10. I wish to prevent Windows media player from showing the "played list" when I click on "file". I have been suggested to use ccleaner. However I am Newish at this sort of thing and do not want to mess up my computer! Any suggestions please?
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