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  1. New entry for SageThumbs (DDS/Thumbnail viewer) [sageThumbs Thumbnail Cache*] LangSecRef=3021 DetectFile=%ProgramFiles%\SageThumbs\64\SageThumbs.dll Default=False FileKey1=%LocalAppData%\|SageThumbs.* Tested and works. there is also a 32bit dir, \SageThumbs\32\SageThumbs.dll that could be added as well for 32bit only users.
  2. Well I don't have a % thing unless i'm WFS, files left could be nice though but then again it could easially say 100 files left in wich 90 files are logs and such meaning they are far under 1 mb) while 10 are files of 300mb or something so it would have to be a "spesified list" of files then (as an example:) Cookies 5. Recycle bin 4. Adobe flash 2. Mozilla Compact Databases 2. etc. etc. This would mostlikely be pointless, time consuming to program and it will take up more cpu/memory to list it all in a accurate "live" kinda way were the files are counted douwn untill everything hits zero. Would like to see a % left until completion though (since a timer would be useless aswell because they are never really accurate.)
  3. Sorry my bad, I had an on topic and an offtopic part just replying to other posts posted, it eventually ended up in just an offtopic part lol sorry it won't happen again (and technically it's the first warning because i've never been warned before lol) again, Sorry, Back on topic +1 (either with the idea I had to make it more noticeable or without
  4. Agreed, the offtopic topic was that and I quote "P.s. A "free" firewall is not the solution I think. There are paid ones that are much better than comodo and can handle pretty much everything. Without having to click on "accept" or "block" each time a new program runs.." This ofcourse is slightly more then major {EDIT} lol The obviously clueless beginner usually has a slow bandwitdh in the first place so they are pretty much save from: FTP hosting, VPN tunneling, Proxying, etc. etc. (you get the picture) those are the people that use windows firewall (and the promt you get every now and then from windows firewall is just because the comp ran out of coffee and it noticed a glimmer of something trying to access whatever lmao) The best firewall you can have is IPtables installed by yourself (if you know what your doing) or someone else that knows what he/she is doing (just check "Project Honeypot" for the results on open hive OS systems, even without IPtables 90% of the hackers (14 to 18 year old guys/girls messing around with trojans and such because the education they are getting slightly leans towards this (mostly comes from beginner programmers for windows software (because windows is the most used OS so they study that, figures why they get scared by a Mac OS (wich isen't THAT much harder to hack) but just crawl away wen they hit a well configed IPtable. To be honest, doing a security check on whatever site you pick and passing with full color on windows means atleast all your ports are stealth and ping/ICMP echo requests get bounced back as "nothing there" is pretty rare, I myself never tested it without a Iptable hanging at the source of my connection but it seems like comodo does do a good job. Reading other peoples reviews (the ones that switched from Windows firewall to Comodo or wichever other firewall and think that IPtables are tables that come with Irene and Peter and you can sit your guests on at thanksgiving lol) it seems to work really well even at the factory defaults (let's just call them that), as i stated before I forwarded my own ports and have an IP table running underneath the network (and a ton of more security wich differs on each PC (Lmao i'm paranoid lmao haha)). End of it all, if you have no idea how to config your firewall the best thing you can do is read the forums of your chosen firewall because even a "norton" or a "macfee" have hidden options that give you a better protection, I myself like to monitor everything I do, Accept the policies once wen I agree with them and block the rest, but then again I know what i'm doing. One statement I can make though is if you have no clue what so ever and download a antivirus scanner make sure it atleast has an up to date cloudscanner (even better Heuristic scans on "High"(takes longer, sometimes gives false positives but your sure your protected then). As for a firewall well idk I like comodo, even the out of the box setup isen't that bad at all but if you decide to use another try to protect yourself from DOS attacks and if possible have your firewall check the packages incomming and outgoing to see if they are the real deal. Well I can go into way more detail for firewall and general security starting from your modem to your computer but this should be enough for the general user that browses around stuff that doesen't really matter. As a side note if you download stuff with anything like say limewire or bittorrent, try to turn on encryption for multiple reasons wich i'm not going to explain (it won't go any slower or whatever i'm just to lazy to explain it) but the main thing is that your ISP won't squeeze your connection because your "violating" there "user responsible data transfer limit" (there is another word for it wich just won't hit my head at the moment but then again I just got home from the bar lmao). Anyways, Greetz, Saint.
  5. On topic: As for the DDL it's a good idea, the toolbar request will still be available so Ccleaners developers won't by-pass users willing to install it giving them a little extra cash. As sayed in other posts (I didn't read everything to be honest lol but I read a few posts) the text could easially be overlooked, this could be fixed by working with or 2 themes, 1 looking like it does now and a second one with different colors (this woulden't be to hard to code it's a matter of (a simplified idea) "If update "1" theme "1" " and "if update "0" theme "0" " (this ofcourse has a 99% chance of being a code that doesen't work but I didn't read the source code nor do I know the language it's programmed in but the devs will know what i mean by this, another option is changing the Logo in the top right corner to a logo with a red glow and a ! in it (also easially changed in the code). Just a few suggestions in addition to the DDL in the bottom. offtopic: About the last post, the whole comodo thing. Comodo is an great free app but it is not for beginners, you can simply click "yes" or "no" on everything and you'd still end up with holes in your defence, the fact that firewalls like say Norton Internet Security (or whatever that crap is called now a days) it's build for users that have no clue how to answer sayed questions, this does make it easier to use but it also makes it more vulnerable to attacks etc. because the AI structure in the program decides wich programs are good and wich aren't, having sayed that program requests can be faked and a False Positive will arise opening ports for trojans or what not. Next to that most built-in virus scanners do a bad job on finding known viruses and do a even worse job on heuristic scans IF that is even included in their program or they could just rely on a cloudscanner making you pretty much vulnerable for 0 day viruses/trojans/ezploits. The plus points of the firewall in Comodo itself is that it is pretty well programmed by default (i add stuff myself aswell like "block IP IN from all IP where protocol is any" for instance but the basics cover ICMP echo's and pings, Dos attacks and if you select all the extra options fragment controle etc.) wich is honestly really good for a Windows firewall (You can't beat a custom made IPtables linux firewall but this creates a good defence), the problems you are having are with the Defence+ Module wich monitors all the programs trying to access the internet/egistry or other important places, this can be a hassle at first but if you program it well you won't get a popup at all. The new version (4.x) has a sandbox aswell, it needs alot of improvement but will eventually take over the need for programs like sandboxie, as for now it's pretty crappy but the latest "stable" release of comodo isen't more then a RC if you ask me (but then again if you look at microsoft, XP is stable, Longhorn was Alpha, Vista was Beta and Win7 isen't more then a RC itself either (my opinion ofcourse but i'm sure most agree) so it's not to bad for a firewall, it blocks and controles enough to be released as a RC). Well hope that helped Greetz, Saint.
  6. Like Winapp2.ini already stated, it has been reqeusted already (by me actually ) see topic: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=29499&st=0&p=177071&fromsearch=1entry177071 As you say a drag/drop box for portable use was suggested there aswell (Just called it a shred box there) wich really is a good idea for the portable version. If sayed box was added to the normal mode it would make it easier to use for basic users aswell but most people that even use privacy cleaners have atleast somee sort of knowledge of OS systems etc. so as Augeas stated creating a folder were you drag and drop stuff in will kind of work the same (eventhough you will leave behind traces of the files from moving them to sayed directory (a bit more advanced recovery utilities have the option to recover defragged disks aswell (wich basicly is moving around files in a "easy to find" order for your OS))), A drag/drop box (or shred box) should eliminate this though because the only thing the drag/drop (shred) box would do is detect the file(s) and the path they are on so it woulden't move around on your harddrive it would just delete it as it is. The right click delete idea suggested in the above topic is for the normal program, a box would work aswell in my opinion it will be easier for alot of users (mostly beginners) to be able to select the file(s) they want securely deleted, right click and wipe with CCleaner or whatever they would want to call it in the dropdown menu . But again the Box is a good idea for the portable version, it might even be a nice addition to the "right click shred" function, just add a box you can tick if you want a shred box opening on startup of your normal Ccleaner. Ah well atleast that's my idea Greetz, Saint.
  7. As sayed before piriform's targeted windows as it's main goal. This however does not mean the team won't ever create a smartphone wipe version of Ccleaner, as sayed before it requires ALOT of recoding, cache and program paths to be selected (wich differ on each version of a smartphone, Windows Mobile 5 has different parts then 6 (just as an example) plus there are tons of Mods (just google XDA dev)for both windows mobile and android. If the devs are even going to port a version towards a smartphone it will mostlikely be included in a Mod (for both android and win mobile) simply because you 1. need a rooted phone (or jailbraiked for iphones) to be able to reach every cache/history etc. you want to delete without being hold back by the phone's "administrator" installed in their kernel. So for now this is a no-go, if the team ever wants to port it they will most likely include the program in a Mod package (this isen't windows mobile but to get the idea of what a mod is google "cynogen mod" it's currently one of the best android mods available). But i'm not a programmer of any of these programs nor do i have any knowledge of upcomming projects or ports. As for defragging your phone uhmm the internal memory is usually pretty small so defragging that might give you like 0.001 ms extra speed if you constantly install and delete programs, as for your SD card, you can defrag that as any normal drive in your windows/linux/dos/unix/mac enviroment by just plugging it into a sd card reader, backing everything up and just wiping the disk works aswell btw. Greetz, Saint.
  8. Good point, this way both portable and normal users can use this option plus the installed version can make a choice of having a shred box, right click shred files or both
  9. A shred box could be nice aswell but I was thinking about the same way it's done with the recycle bin, just right click and select delete with CCleaner (and the options you selected in the program from the drop down menu), but wichever option is easier to create really, all I want is a way to securely delete one or multiple files bigger then 3,99 gig with a simple selection and click (or drag and drop if it turns out to be a shredbox).
  10. Thanks alot Well I got multiple systems really but I was looking for the XP one (Still the most stable out of the 3 if you ask me... *sigh* dmn microsoft lol) But again thanks I can add some stuff, still looking for the paths to clean in XBMC and some other apps (but that's for home use really ) Greetz, Saint.
  11. A bit offtopic but it might be helpfull to the poster aswell, could you link the Winapp2.ini link, search came up with to much stuff to find the right post xD Thanks, Saint.
  12. Sorry I didn?t know I had to be so specific for a request I think my last post sounds alot more like an urgently needed request then the initial one did because it involves OTHER peoples security instead of mine, really didn?t think about explaining the major purpose in the initial post, I just explained the end effect I would like to see in the future That?s what i?m doing now, it takes alot of time plus if you use the same directory to store something in and just simple forget to remove the option from your custom list you could easially create a totally secure loss of valuable data still needed (but that ofcourse is the user?s (me in this scenario) mistake). Well thanks for all the feedback and +1?s, seriously hope to see this feature in the future. Greetz, Saint.
  13. True but like with linux, MacOS etc. it would have to be linked to a OS that functions on every smartphone so it would have to be or a Mod or just the latest version of android (the last one is not useable by everyone with an android device).
  14. Don't agree with you either, the first to options are just usefull and the last well they gotta make a penny aswell right it's a free program, come on they do great work. Just don't randomly click next if you want to uncheck things, if you installed it once you know what you want and on't want.
  15. Hey thanks for the reply, Well i sometimes need to Shred large sized files for work, entire user databases and such and they are bundled into one file so it's hard to securely delete them (I don't want peoples personal data floating around if some dumb twat puts the computer by the side of the road (trust me it happend before... lol else i would have just Dban'ed it and done) but now i'm trying to keep the files securely deleted as soon as there outdated or what not and constantly adding a path selecting one file in the settings is just well time consuming while if it instead could be done with a right click Well fingers crossed for supporters and hard working devs would really help me out atleast and i'm sure alot more ppl. Greetz, Saint
  16. There is however one solution possible I thought of and that is for the Priform Team to work together with a Mod (like CyanogenMod or any other type of ROM) this would make sure all the paths are exactly the same and the updates would run synchronized with every Mod Update but again it has to be totally rewritten wich is alot of work and I have no idea if the team is A. Up for a rewrite B. Working together with a Mod team (Mods are totally legal btw its just firmware). Greetz, Saint
  17. Any chance for something like that? Or will I still need something like Eraser to do that..? It might have been requested a ton of times but I can?t find anything about it with the search option but I would really like to see a single/multiple selected right click secure delete if possible xD Well hope to get any answer what so ever Greetz, Saint.
  18. Exactly they would have to rewrite the entire program MULTIPLE times for different android versions etc. But about making money they could bundle ads in it from paid apps that makes them money but still it's ALOT of work, it might be an option wen every smart phone runs and stores in the exact same way but this is highly doubtable because of the rapid growth, as I sayed before eventhough T-mobile still sells the Google G1 (HTC Dream) it's outdated and won't receive any updates unless you mod it and thus creating a partition on your SD card used for some storage, the newest HTC is the HTC Dream of the future, in a short while it will lose update support cuz of lack of speed or capacity and the story will start all over again. Concluding there are to many paths, what you can do is buy a big magnet and hold that to your phone lmao all paths will be cleaned then xD (btw that's a joke do not do that unless you want to throw it away )
  19. Expanding CCleaner to a totally different OS is more work then you think, totally different code plus you will mostlikely need a rooted phone to make it do everything it does in windows. Second of all there will need to be created a series of different releases since 1.5 (cupcake), 1.6 (Donut) And 2.2 (froyo) all have different Custom roms etc. etc. thus having different storage paths blablabla (example, HTC Dream (aka Google G1) is stuck on donut unless you root it and install CynagonMod (wich turns it into froyo) or whatever other rom you use but it creates a path on your SD cuz the internal memory of a Dream doesen't have the capacity to store froyo thus making it ALOT of work creating it for the droid market unless you stick to the total basics wich you can do by hand in your menu but that's only half of the stuff cleanable. Third of all you can just pop in your MicroSD card and select the paths you want deleted on there or just wipe it all. This comming from someone totally not involved in this project though, haven't read the source code nor do I know wich kind of scripting they use ect. Greetz, Saint.
  20. Hey everybody, Well I was wondering if this could be added, mainly for XP users because the maximum Recycle Bin limit is 3,99 Gig or 30% of your harddrive (so basicly just 3,99 gig lol) but sometimes you end up with files of 5 gig or higher and windows just auto deletes them. The only thing you can do then is do a Free Disk Space wipe but that's kina it.. So just the ability to select 1 or multiple files and like with your recycle bin and just let those things run thru the selected removal methode. I know programs like Shredder and I think Heidi Eraser uses it aswell so it is possible, I just really hope I could get it added, I'm glad with Ccleaner and I don't want 2 or 3 different deletion programs on my computer I rather just keep using this one alone. Well hope that was clear enough and that it will/could be added in the upcomming release Greetz, Saint.
  21. Gotta make someone wonder, with the knowledge we have now a days why isen't anyone busy creating a new method of wiping, one that IS current. A you state yourself "They" need to unwrap the CRC code (why not create a couple passes scrambeling this randomly) we know they could recover things from possible left magnetic traces why not create passes that backtrack the magnetic traces left rewrite the same file with different magnetic traces a couple of times, end of it all the current "Secure" wipe methodes are outdated while some people still want to securely delete stuff, it is possible just has to be updated, the Guttman wipe obviously was a good wipe back in the days, why not recreate something for the current way data is stored and magnetic traces are left on your comp, end of it all the best way to securely delete something is a giant magnet/hammer/magnesium burn but that's not what we want ofcourse unless you want to securely dump your disk. There has to be a way to create about a 25 pass wipe that does the trick, (5 passes that fill it with different random data, 5 passes scrambeling the RLL sequence and possibility to unwrap the CRC code, 5 passes changing the Magnetic Frequencies randomly so its inrecoverable even with a microscope, 7 passes filling it with 1's 2's 3's 4's 5's 6's and 7's, one more pass scrambeling the code and magnetic force and the last pass filling it with 0's). This should be possible, and then you WILL have a seriously secure delete that IS 100% bulletproof, you could even make a pass encrypting the data with the latest/best encryption algorithms wich will be random on each wipe ofcourse or even a pass corrupting the data completely. It's just an idea but that's mostlikely the same way a "Guttman method" would look like in our current day and age. I'd have to say the 0's challenge might be unable to be done for any recovery agency buuutt an intelligence agency will have alot less problems with the unscrambeling/recovering of sayed data (eventhough it costs alot for them to do forensics will be able to). One thing I got to wonder about though eventhough you say the 5 random scrubbing passes are the only working passes in Guttman what about the MFM changes it creates, they should still be slightly accurate aren't they? And what about the NSA way or the DoD way, why would the US/canadian and other goverments bother using these wipe methods still if they "don't work any better then a one pass wipe"... gotta make you wonder though.
  22. Figured, just wanted to make sure , only other question I have about that is howmany passes are useless now a days? I think about 6 (checking the diagram of what the passes do that is) And what passes that change the magnetification of wiped parts are still in tact? (because that was the only "Special" part of Guttman, the fact it changed the digital signal, MFM, RLL etc.), ask this more out of curiosity there is no written documentation available on wich passes are rendered useless)
  23. Lol well this is turning more into a Guttman/wipe type discussion then suggestions the suggestions are still valid lol. On the other hand one last thing about the whole Guttman thing, the 35 wipe methode it uses has about 5-7 passes that are pretty much useless now a days right? But it still does what it says right? overwrite the data a couple of times with different data making it unrecoverable or is it better to switch to NSA? That was my question As another note in the original Guttmann script he says some of his passes alter the db level wich on new drives mostlikely won't work anymore but that idea did work on older drives altering the magnetic data a bit thus making even forensic teams come up with junk. I don't think that works with new drives anymore though. But anyways as I asked, is Guttman still a unrecoverable wipe (just like the 1 pass) or does it make it easier to recover thanks to old methods used. I'm just curious about that
  24. Hmm so Guttman method is still valid but it's overkill atleast that's what I get out of it, it's still secure though just not any more secure then DoD or NSA am I right?
  25. Yeah i'm read it, a few passes or random scrubbing are enough but why is it even included in these releases then? what's the point? and wich option is the most secure? a single wipe isen't enough up to 2 passes can easially be recovered by recovery companies (hence the DoD 3 method) so what's better the NSA wipe or the Guttman one?
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