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  1. Check my post: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=21022&view=findpost&p=170474 and this thread: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=28438 I think that should be enough anecdotal evidence to say that something is not right. And it's not just the MFT that appears to be corrupted... Defraggler literally erased from my hard disk a whole bunch of files that were up to 3 months old! I saw the green reading action, then the yellow writing action... except at the end of the yellow writing action there were no blue blocks... before and after... ie moved into another dimension! I wasted the whole of yesterday recovering my remaining data and rebuilding my computer. I would recommend removing the current version from the download page and displaying a warning until you've had a chance to investigate fully... this is something you should do in all good conscience until you are 100% sure there are no bugs in your software!!
  2. Hi there Am running Windows 7 and Defraggler v1.19.192 and am getting the attached error. E: drive is 1TB with 2/3rds free. Seems to happen when moving a really large file - 1GB - to the end of the drive. Was this fixed in a previous version? I couldn't find an answer... EDIT: JOY, of the bad kind... had some odd errors saving files, opening Outlook and a whole bunch of other stuff, saying file system was corrupt. Rebooted, and well, COULDN'T!!!!! My computer is not completely stuffed and I am trying everything I know, and then some, to recover all my documents etc Oddly enough, all this happened AFTER I upgraded to the latest version this morning. Before that, I had been defragging for a few weeks with no issues!!! So, it would seem that you have released a buggy version!! VERY UNHAPPY!!!!!!!! Needless to say, I shall not be using any of your products again, and will not be recommending them to anyone.
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