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  1. Hello! After uninstall of Recuva the translation of CCleaner works again. Is there some kind of conflict between the programs. Didn'T even need to uninstall CCleaner, immediately after uninstall of Recuva. The translation works again. The thing i saw was that everything was reset to default settings every settings i have done was gone. Kind Regards Johan
  2. Hello! Checked another Vista Ultimate computer to day. It has the same issue but with one difference only english language file works. All other languages doesn't work. They are present in the language folder, but nothing happens when you try to change language. Kind Regards Johan
  3. Hello! Yes it behaves exactly the same on my friends Vista Ultimate 32 bit! It seems only to affect Vista Ultimate. Kind regards Johan
  4. Hello! I have seen this same issue on some of my friends computers. This issue seems only to appear on Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit. A strange issue that needs to be solved. Kind Regards Johan
  5. Hello! This must be som kind of bug. Because down grading to previous version solves the problem. But i have fixed it this way. I downloaded previous version and copyed the language file. Uppgraded to newest version and replaced the language file. Then everything works. I would like to report this as a bug! Kind regards Johan
  6. Hello! The the dll file i present in the language folder. Have downloaded the program many times with the same result. When reinstalling previous version the swedish language works. This is wired! Kind regards Johan
  7. Hello! After updating to newest version of ccleaner the swedish language file doesn't work! I think this is very strange because i have 2 computers and on my other computer the swedish language file does work. I have installed and reinstalled after reboot but same thing happens. When i choose swedish translation i get english translation instead. I have tested the other languages and all seems to work but not swedish and not norwegian. If i install the previous version of ccleaner the swedish language file works. Why does the swedish language file work on one computer but not the other. Strange! Please help kind regards johan
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