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    I concor. However if you do have some examples of these 'detections' please do share the info on them (location/filename etc), so we can confirm they are false positives. --lee
  2. Is that where you got your current avatar from? --lee
  3. The Registry is just a set of files as any other. So it can be defragmented. But i thought it could only be done at boot time, this is what i was told anyway. Anyway, i have always used Pagedefrag (from sysinternals): http://www.sysinternals.com/ntw2k/freeware/pagedefrag.shtml This took seconds to complete for me. --lee
  4. Or just post it on your website, then give us the link. --lee
  5. LOL Yea i have 2039 post on the avast forums, the highest post count there is 9517. Also 195 incoming PM's (to me) And 131 outgoing PM's (to other people). But its not a compitition, its just i like to help poeple out. --lee
  6. Also: What is the exact error mesage your getting? What is your OS? --lee
  7. Nope, not there on mine, must be a power member thing --lee
  8. Ahh i see, thanks Chicano666 --lee
  9. What exactly do me mean by this if you don't mind me asking. --lee
  10. This is a very good point, Nortan is very hard to remove without the removal tool, so it conflicts with any AV you put on after it. Also it slows down your pc alot, you say you need a good high end pc to run it, but why should someone have to have a exspensive PC to run nortan when there are free ones that use less resources and do just as well or even better. Best one to use is called Avast Anti-virus: http://www.avast.com/ Second best but one you have to pay for is called Kaspersky: http://www.kaspersky.com/ --lee
  11. rustik_one, I fully, agree, norton does have great detection rate, i just personaly am not a great liker of it, i much prefer Avast, i always buy my products though, never crack them. Well i do allot of meeting specific user needs in college for products (hardware and software), but me personaly i feel it is also largly on personal preferences aswell, i like the way avast looks and feels, and its easy for me to use its avanced customizable features. But of course, not everyone can have the same opinon, for example, i like Firefox and Opera over IE, but other people prefer it t
  12. rustik_one, FYI Avast Pro is as good if not better then Norton, just because its not 'industrial standard' or the most popular doesn't make it bad. --lee
  13. And as i said, theres is a Free and paid version (Home and Pro), see here for differences: http://www.avast.com/eng/av4_version_comp.html Again, i really do recomend this product. --lee
  14. Your suppost to register avast on there website, takes about 1 min, after this you just re-register it every 14 months (privacy measure), its proved to have better detection rates then AVG, can remove a virus when it finds it, avg not so good at this, and you have to scan the whole of your harddrive with AVG just to find the virus again. But you say it has too many features, surely this is a good thing?, i love this fact with my Avast, i even plan to buy the Pro version, plus the new BETA version (soon to go final) is a great improvement on its already great program. The free (BETA) versi
  15. Well you could have a look at my post count on the avast forums below if you wanted, its not a contest really though. http://forum.avast.com/index.php?action=profile;u=5309 I can't speak for zaphirer/ Tarun etc, but i know that it makes me feel good knowing i have helped so many people out when they needed it. --lee
  16. Again, its an opinon thing, everyone feels differently, i personaly feel norton is aload of crap, but some people love it, i use Avast Anti-virus myself, i feel that is the best...IMHO. http://www.avast.com/index.htm --lee
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