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  1. I never once mentioned speed. 


    Looking back i noticed it says "safer" then mine rather then faster, i sware it said faster..... <_<


    Norton is a bloated piece of crap that wrecks systems and avg has a crappy scanning percentage


    Indeed they are


    and I must say that my favorite is etrust. Its very low on resources, has never not found an infection or failed to remove it. It also updates at least once a day and has never failed to do so


    I find the exact same with avast.


    Avast has problems removing the infections that it finds


    Not in my case


    Plus its been proven not to find everything


    If you mean its low spyware/adware detections, its meant to be rthis way, they even stat that there a virus scanner not a Spyware scanner.

    They mainly find virus/worms/trojans, although they do find some of the more common spyware/adware infections.



    Not to sound cocky but I know whats running on my pc


    Not cocky at all, this is a good thing



    I do still put ZA on machines that I fix and make sure to trained it before I leave. Most of the time people dont even know its on there if you turn alerts and logs off and give the programs that need access to the net access.


    Will have to agree to disagree there

    Oh I would also like to bring this program to your attention. Its a small .exe program that quickly tells you everything on your pc that is connected to the internet. Great little app to have on a usb drive.



    Nice little program



    I dont think you don't know what your talking about its just I disagree with you on a few points.


    Fair enough :) , i disagree with a few of your points aswell, but thats computers for ya :D


    The last thing I want to say about security is..... EWIDO!

    This is pretty much the most essential security app available for computers today. The scanner puts any other program to shame and is completly free.


    Ewido site



    My review on Lunarsoft:



    Well i tried the free scanner, found no infections, although it did feel kind enough to tell me SweetIM was spyware, which ofcourse its not, see here: http://www.softpedia.com/progClean/SweetIM-Clean-25441.html


    Also it reported weatherbug as spyware, which again, isn't true.

    Although im not sure how it got on my system in the first place, (not the only person to use this PC), maybe it was part of that firefox weather extension i had a while ago.



  2. What do they mean by no support? Do they mean that they won't talk to you if you got a problem or the program won't be updated or both? I don't get it




    Lee my pc is safer than yours just because I dont run that sub par AV that you have


    Don't remember saying my pc is faster then yours in the first place :rolleyes:

    BTW what would you say is a good AV? (please don't say something like norton or AVG)


    sub par AV that you have


    Avast is the best out there :P


    ZA is not a bad program and is much better than sygate and that program your using


    We will have to agree to disagree on that one


    The only issue with ZA is ram usage which isnt even all that high compared to other programs


    Same as above, although i feel i must make it clear that i was referring to free firewalls rather then paid/pro ones, yes i have seen ZA Pro in action and it does preform pretty well, however ZA Free is a joke of a firewall, blocks ALL file sharing , doesn't really protect IM programs very well (imo), and doesn't pass tooleaky etc.



    The only reason you would need a software and hardware firwall is for connecting to a network.(public or your own private one) and that is only because the other pcs on the network could be infected.




    I have linksys WRT54G and is passes every part of the grc scan with stealthed ratings.


    I should hope so B) , most hardware firewalls will due to there superiority.


    but I would rather just hit alt+ctrl+del every once in a while to see whats running on my pc.


    Well thats fine for you maybe, but what about people like my mum or nan, they arn't going to understand what processes are good and what ones are bad.

    Also saying that is all well and good, but what if it gets infected without your knowledge and sends off some info like a password etc?

    I understand that you could properly protect your PC your self, but what is a little bro or something uses it and visits a "bad" site?


    Honestly its the easiest to configure and once you turn off alerts and logs you wont even know its running


    We will have to agree to disagree again




    From that post i seem to get the idea that you seem i don't know what im talking about :(

    Well thats ok i guess, your alowed your own opinon, don't worry about hurting my feelings...........



  3. It ain't no ZoneAlarm, it ain't no ZoneAlarm, it ain't no ZoneAlarm! Had to repeat that three times!



    I should hope so to, if i thought it was similar to ZA i would of reformated my PC by now.

    Also ZA likes to block all network sharing automatically, and keep it blocked, so not for me.


    The configuration was a bit weird, e.g.; my proxy filtering software is CookieCop and it flat out would'nt work until I figured out that the firewall needed to know what the parent application was which was explorer.exe, talk about damned confusing to begin with.


    Well yea i did mention the configuation was unique, so it is a little confusing at first, nothing a few mins of playing around can't sure.

    Although i feel i must say, i love this way of configering allications, it an automatic and fast way to create "advanced rules" without the user needing any knowledge of how to create them manually.


    Also that way it stops parrentless and invisable applications from accessing the inet without the users knowledge (so it passes tooleaky, leaktest, firehole etc), iv not seen another free firewall that can do that, and most PAID firewalls can't either.


    And the uninstaller is downright sloppy, might as well not even include one, it left a .msi installer behind and so many leftovers in the registry


    Well i havn't tried uninstalling it yet, so can't comment on it, ill take your word for it though, lets hope they fix it soon, its still a very new firewall remember, only been out a couple of months.


    I'm so fed up with software-based firewalls I may just end up buying a hardware one sometime next year.


    Iv got both, and well configerd, i feel preaty safe :)


    I love the one on my router


    Me 2 ;)


    I dont even run ZA


    Welcome to the good side


    but I still have it installed for those just in case moments.


    You poor guy (prays for rridgely's pc)



  4. Do you even have a high def tv? Because yes you can tell a difference between high def and non high def. I get a few channels of high def through direct tv and the quality of the picture is unbelievable.







    Yep i fully agree, you can certainly see a different, i have seen high def and non high def running side by side before, once you see that, you will never look at normal TV shows/DVDs (nrmal def) in the same way again.

    Its just like you would never look at a video in the same way after you saw DVD quality for the first time.



  5. That info is at the bottom of the main page. I'm downloading it right now!








    lol, i only told them about that like a day ago by email, they react fast :P



  6. And the "High Definition" thing is just something they push so it can look like they're offering you something. Or do you actually think that you will notice any difference between DVD-quality and HD-quality?



    If you was to look carfully, you would see that the background quality of HD-quality is quite a bit better then DVD quality, but closer images/objects will be almost the same.


    However, if they make these discs uncopyable, people simply won't use em.

    Well only untill a way around it is found ofcourse, there always it, if it was disigned by humans, it can easyly be broken by humans.



  7. I would LOVE to see an option to "Clean automatically on every shutdown", i know there is a "clean on startup" option, but i really don't like it, i would much rather it to clean on shutdown, so maybe be best to have both options?





  8. Nah sygate wasn't a bad firewall most of the time, although if one of its few bugs did hit you, then you knew about it.


    However since they discontinued, i have been using Comodo Personal firewall, and i must say its one of the best iv seen, passes all SOS and GRC tests, and even passes the grc leaktest, tooleaky and firehole.

    Easy enough to configer, although it does have unique GUI and settings, compleatly free, but you need to renew your licence once every year, which ofcourse is free aswell.

    Also good tech support via email.


    Only problems is they test it fully thereselfs, no beta testing (although i havn't really came accross any bugs yet), but still seems a little weird to me.

    Also there site could be a little more informative, for example it doesn't mention on there site that it only works with win 2000/XP SP2 (not win9x/ME), you don't find that out until installinfg the firewall.


    Other then that its fine, plus they have said there going to improve there firewall part of the site soon, so its more informative.



    You can see what i mean here: http://www.personalfirewall.trustix.com/



  9. I decided I needed real-time protection when I discovered Avast's resident shield wouldn't work. It's been like that for over two years now through various versions of Avast and in one version the resident shield could be enabled during a Windows session, but would not be active when the computer was restarted.


    Very strange indeed, not heard of this happening with Avast before, maybe you could report this bug on the avast forums, there could be others with your problem, from what iv used of the avast forum, there usually quite quick and good at fixed problems.



  10. Thank you Eldmannen, for replying ,


    right now i have a Asus A7N8X Deluxe with a AMD Thunderbird 1.2.


    My reason to upgrade is when i start to work with anything, example, i use a lot Visual Studio 2005, Photoshop, Skale Tracker, etc ... and i note the system stay very but very slower, so i need a new configuration to work a little better.


    Forgive me my bad english  ;)







    Visual Studio 2005, Photoshop, Skale Tracker use alot of memory, i suggest 512 DDR RAM minimun, but if possible go for 1 GiG of RAM i would say, not sure how well Sempron will run it, may need a higher CPU power, also i would suggest a good graphics card, at least 256 MB memory PCI express one, as your on a low budget, you probably won't be able to get a 512 MB graphics card.



    Ofcourse, this is all jsut my opinon, not fact.


    But hope it helps



  11. Hi,


    1. AGI8X VGA Upgradable for 845GV


    Your Built in Intel graphics card




    Audio Modem Riser (AMR) is intels specification slots on the motherboard to accommodate low cost sound cards.

    There not used alot, and arn't likley to anytime soon either as you can get better quality sound from a codec chip on a riser card or even a normal sound card fitted into a PCI slot.




    3. PCI Slots


    Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI slots) is a high-speed connection for devices including SCSI cards, video (graphics) cards, sound cards, modems, video capture cards, network cards etc.

    People used to put video cards into the Advanced Graphics Port (AGP) slots for better graphics, however latley alot of graphics cards etc have come out that are PCI Express which is way better then AGP, so everyone is once again putting there graphics cards into the PCI slots.



    Hope this helps



  12. I got no icons on my Desktop, however i do have a custom toolbar for my most used programs. (see attached)



    ObjectDock is another bloat program the latest version is around 8Mb download and more then likely double that after installation. Rk Launcher is 715Kb download and that's it uncompress it and a way you go no installation required it has loads of features.


    Yep i recently uninstalled Objectdock from my system, uses way to much emory/processer then i liked.





  13. Avast by far, updated more frequently, removes malware better, and way betteruser support.


    however I've noticed on my Win98 system the resident shield can't be enabled therefore I installed AVG instead.


    I have a Win98 machine downstairs, resident shield works fine there, prehapes you had previously had an Anti-Virus software on there that was conflicting with it? (iv seen people try to run 2 AVs on the same machine before, same thing happened)



    For software based firewall, Sygate and Zonealarm are the top contenders, however the free version of Zonealarm is very bad with networks, and i find overall Sygate has the better security because of its application based system (using HTTP/localhost connections), although it doesn't work well with other proxy programs. (not a problem for most users)

    Plus its intrusion detection system is very good and it doesn't block ALL access to the network like the free Zonealarm does, so you can still share you files/printer on your local network if wanted/needed.


    Hope this helps



  14. are there any other powerful, trusted, FREE Defragmentation programs?


    Yep, iv always used Power Defragmenter to defrag my drive, free and works perfectly, simply unzip it to a directory of your choice, then double click the .exe file to run it.

    Although you will need Contig in the same directory as Power Defragmenter for it to run, its a small pice of defrag software from Sysinternals.


    Also if you are having problems with runnig the windows built in one:


    First are you runnning WinXp SP2, if so run a virus and spyware scan.

    If you are on a Win9x machine, boot into safe mode first.



    About your hardware problem, i have got a little confused with the posts made, you say on start up windows wants to remove your modem (SpeedTouch USB ADSL) and later you talk about your "USB Pen Stick", are you having a problem with both?


    For the Pen Stick, just don't plug it in untill the computer is already started up, can't rely do much about the icon appearing for that (other then auto hide it), but in the end you need it to safly remove the Pen stick anyway, or you could damage the driver, and iv even seen cases where work has been lost/corrupted on the pen stick because it wasn't safely removed.


    But iv never heard of this happening with a USB moden, although there not common so i haven't seen many, but i wouldn't of thought this is normal, i would suggest contacting your ISP about this, i would think they could resolve the problem (maybe by just reinstalling the driver, or installing a more up-to date one).



  15. Avast is just a plain better, it out proforms AVG, and is more powerful, iv never had any problems with it slowing down my PC, and i can remove a virus when it finds it, rather then it having to scan my whole system to remove it (like you have to in AVG).



  16. My extensions are as follows:


    Dictionary Search

    Tabbrowser Preferences



    Copy Plain text


    Hotmail tabs


    Image Zoom

    Paste Quote

    Pint It!

    Tweak Network Settings

    open Long URL


    Define Word

    Disable Targets for download

    Show Image



    HTML Validator


    Foxy Tunes

    Foxytunes Skin

    Glossary Of terms

    User Agent Switch

    A's Currency Converter

    Yahoo! Toolbar



    Any My theme is:


    Noia 2.82 (EXtreme)



  17. That might be why you can't open any website thereafter.


    He already posted his hijackthis log remember, no domain hijacks were there, i wouldn't of suggested it otherwise ;), anyway, he already PM'ed me with his results from LSPfix.




    Merijn it's also O17 - Lop.com domain hijacks


    Not always to do with Lop.com malware, can be, but also some ISP's and computer manufacturers use it for reseting web settings to thier defaults rather then IE's.



  18. It's better to disable those via GUI, thus why I left them alone until his next reply.


    May i ask why Tarun, iv never heard of removing the reg entries causing problems :rolleyes: (but they say you learn something everyday :D )



  19. Hi steve,


    In addition to what Tarun analyzer has said (i'm impressed with that analyzer Tarun ;) ), its safe to remove these as they slow down boot up,



    This just creates logs of errors, and can only help you if you can read the logs it creates:


    O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [userFaultCheck] %systemroot%\system32\dumprep 0 -u


    This just starts up MSN Messenger every boot up, it can still be started via the icon though:


    O4 - HKCU\..\Run: [MsnMsgr] "C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger\MsnMsgr.Exe" /background



    BTW, the latest MSN Messenger is MSN 7, you can get it from here: http://imagine-msn.com/messenger/en-us/ (click "Get it now")



  20. Did you download a host file latley?, i have been getting Spybot/Hijackthis moaning about my latest update to my host file.



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