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  1. I use the one that is built-in to ESET Internet Security. No complaints.
  2. NOD32 on all 4 of my Windows 7 64 bit computers. Very pleased with it.
  3. Congratulations! I'm sure glad you folks came along. Great product.
  4. 1.37.456 seems to work fine.
  5. I have XP Home SP3 Retail on all 4 computers and they all exhibit the same trait with the last few versions of Ccleaner. 32 bit, by the way. The lockup, if that is what it is called is not always repeatable but almost always occurs.
  6. Interesting. I never waited a really long time. Reinstalled 2.25.1025 and no problems yet. Good to know that earlier versions are still available.
  7. Nope, thanks for the suggestion. I'll give it a try. I believe this problem occurs on more than one of my computers. I'll get back. edit: Sorry. XP is the OS
  8. I tried to use Ccleaner for a very important registry cleaner and had forgotten that, for me at least, it hangs at 28%, 63% etc so I cannot clean the registry. Last night, in desperation, I found, downloaded and installed Version 1.37.456. I have had problems like this in the last few versions. Am I the only one experiencing this? If it's just me maybe I'll try some later versions but this one seems to work fine.
  9. I am soooo glad Google took me here. I've been going nuts with that you have not scanned your computer in XX days when I scan every day. Now I have to go and fix all of my CCleaner installs. edit: Nope didn't work for me.
  10. Same problem here. Waiting for the fix. edit: happens on the latest version also.
  11. I installed it on 3 computers. Seems fine.
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