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  1. I run Defraggler on My SSD once per month but just a Quick Defrag... That mean only files are fixed on place where are they already. defragmenting was done in less than 10 seconds. That`s all. That should not kill a drive. 10 seconds one per month....
  2. Hi, Please add feature like "PUT Folders First" in options. Why shoud you do that? It will reduce searching files on HDD much more faster! Example: If you have 100.000 files on hdd and you need to find ONE file but you don`t remember where it is. You start searching and sometimes can take 1 or even 2 minutes to find than and meantime your hdd doing WORST job u can imagine. But if ALL Filenames (names of Files and Folders)are on beggining of HDD it will take ONLY 1-3 SECONDS to find your file (depend how your memory throughput between your Memory and CPU is fast not HDD!) Becasue your hdd HEAD don`t need to MOVE at all because all names are on ONE place so all data will be read in 0.01 second adn than RAM Memory and CPU need to FIND that file and that will be in a more than 1 -2 seconds. So If You have INTEL i7 CPU (who have 14-19GB per seconds bandwith between CPU and Memory)it will take less than a second to find your file and what is most important your HDD life is increased because his head didn`t move 1-2 minutes like mad to find your one file. Some of us still remember how was Norton Speed Disc for Win 98 (NOT 2000) do that job! I guess some companies want US to buy faster HDD`s and that was removed when Win 2000 come out(even you have FAT32 or NTFS) but even fastest on market can`t be compared to this way of defrag. p.s. Sry for bad English And i have one more very good suggestion... But will write soon.
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