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  1. eL_PuSHeR, Thank you for your input. I have switched off the Defraggler option regarding the relocation of large files. I do have a number of programs running in the background, e.g., Personal Firewall, Anti Virus and Windows Security Essentials - these are first to come come to mind. But I still wonder why Windows Defragmenter seems to be more thorough - or is it just my imagination? Regards, currajong
  2. I use whole drive defrag with the option - move large files to end of drive during whole drive defrag. Is this what you mean? regards, currajong
  3. I run the current version of Piriform Defraggler on a Win XP PC. I note that defraggling a drive often does leave quite a significant number of files/significant amounts of data fragmented. If I then run MSoft Disk Defragmenter, the drive is then significantly further defragmented. WHY IS THIS? Any help/advices appreciated. Thanks to all in advance. currajong
  4. Hello All, I just wondered how much trouble it would be for the program writers to add a log file facility so that records of automated defrags could be made available? I have set up scheduled defragging for all my HDD partitions during the early AM hours, but I can find no record that the scheduled events have actually taken place. Or am I missing some feature that the program already offers? Thanks, currajong
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