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  1. Yep, that's the screen that I'm getting.
  2. I've removed and reinstalled Speccy several times. I might mention that now it doesn't even recognize the O/S. I ran cpuz_154 without a problem. It functioned perfectly.
  3. Already running VC++ 2008. New v. of VC++ is dated 4-12-2010, so wouldn't have any application to this problem but updated anyway. I don't understand the comment about my PC & WinXP, SP3. It came w/XP, before Vista & Win7 were published. Vista has come and gone and will be an orphan very shortly. Win7 is way too new for my taste.
  4. That's certainly helpful.
  5. I've removed and installed Speccy a couple of times. That is not the answer.
  6. I have posted about this problem before but got no useful suggestion. I suspect that the answer is pretty simple but I don't know what it is. Speccy runs, but is providing no useful information. It sees the correct O/S but shows "Class Not Registered" for every other item. See the attachment. Any suggestions?
  7. I just downloaded and installed the most recent version of speccy. Although it appears to have installed, and gives me an opening screen, it only recognizes the O/S (WXP Pro, Sp3). Every other component is shown as "Class not registered". Is something preventing speccy from running?
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