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  1. Hello, I checked "Old Prefetch data" but the PF-Files in C:\Windows\Prefetch are not deleted. Please help me.
  2. D is a logical partition on a hdd. Does this has any meaning: ATA Vulnerabiltiy Protection (BIOS)? I thougth that Wipe MFT Free Space means that the names of deleted files are wiped.
  3. Options/Actions: only Deep Scan checked Options/Drives: Everything checked
  4. you checked Wipe Free Space Drives in Options/Settings? Yes. you checked local disk c: (or whatever disk you're wiping), and Wipe MFT Free Space? Yes, local disk d:. Yes: Wipe MFT Free Space. you checked Wipe Free Space in Cleaner/Advanced? Yes. you then pressed Run Cleaner from the Cleaner page? Yes. the disk you are wiping is NTFS? Yes.
  5. Yes, I recovered 21 files to an USB-stick, they were described by Recuva as uncorrupted and not overwritten. I recovered and can open all of them. - pictures: 16 - PDF: 4, The PDF-files are from 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2014 - DOC: 1, The Word-file is from 2010. I used Wipe Free Space twice and recovered these 21 files successfully twice.
  6. Hello, I used "Wipe Free Space drives" and checked "Wipe MFT Free Space". I choose "Secure file deletion" and checked "Wipe Alternate Data Streams" and "Wipe Cluster Tips". Immediately after CCleaner finished I used Recuva and 21 files were found and recoverable. Why?
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