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  1. Works Thank you. Appropriate line is: CustomLocation1=CHROME|x:\Chrome\Default
  2. In the normal Windows Google Chrome install, the default User Data is located under <users-local-data>\Google\Chrome\User Data\. However, this location can be changed by the Chrome Registry entry HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Chrome\UserDataDir=...new location... It appears that CCleaner does not honor this change of location for the Default directory. The result is that CCleaning is not done for Chrome user data that has been moved to another location. What should happen is: CCleaner should first look in the Registry for Chrome key UserDataDir; If not exist, assume the
  3. Suggestion: Add Command Line Option: /Restart --- Restart the PC Rationale: The present command line combination /Auto /Shutdown is a great example of synergism of two disparate functions. This synergism would even be greater if Restart was available. One operation could both clean and restart the PC.
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