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  1. I'm an old Windows/CCleaner user but have 100% left M$ a couple(?) years ago for Apple with a MacBook Pro 15", touch bar, 4 USB-c ports, and yes--a SSD. (Also an iPhone 7 plus and an Apple Watch too.) As some of you might imagine I have spent many hours with Apple Care. I have one outstanding months long unsolved problem to share elsewhere here maybe. I suspect talking to Apple Care that CCleaner might be a great 3rd party tool that Apple needs however they repeatedly don't recommend CCleaner. And only recently have I gotten some okays to run Malwarebytes--neither of which are found in th
  2. What trouble could I possibly get in? I used and liked CCleaner for years on my Windows 7 PC but over a year or so ago abandoned the PC for the MacBook Pro. (Gaming now relegated to consoles only.) So so far I haven't found any real need to use CCleaner on the Mac nor has Apple once suggested that there is any need. Yet CCleaner has a Mac version and claims some need. I'm reluctant to dive right in but just continue to keep an eye out. Would be very interested to hear here from any Mac users who find CCleaner of value/useful to them? Other then Malwarebytes there has been no ot
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