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  1. It just works, used from 1511 build.
  2. Hello. Progress bar dissapears when cleaning takes long. Happend when cleaning Windows.old. OS: Windows 10 Enterprise, x64, 1703 CCleaner: v5.37 (x64) Sincerely Dauma
  3. On "How can I report an issue?" page is written: "If you've got an issue to report, a question to pose or a suggested feature, you can drop us a line by clicking on the Help button at the bottom of this page." There's no Help button at the bottom of the page.
  4. When warning window is displayed on some items on Cleaner section OK button is clickable only with mouse. It would be faster to focus the OK button and make it work with keyboard too.
  5. Hello. The bug is active again with v2.34 Sincerely
  6. CCleaner removes Opera Search bar item icons from the items, that are not in Opera Search bar by default. That was fixed in previous CCleaner versions and the bug is uncommented again OS: Windows Vista SP2, x86 Opera: v10.60 build 3445 CCleaner: v2.34.1200 Sincerely dmt
  7. After cleaning Opera's files it deleted images which are responsible for search engine indications. Opera and CCleaner are up to date.
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