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  1. Hello, as someone who has 3 separate HDDS (ssd for system and 2 hdd for storage), I was wondering if it is possible to make defraggler defrag both of my storage hdds in parallel? Each of them has one partition, and I honestly don't see why it wouldn't work. When I use windows defragmentation, it can work in parallel. Sorry for my bad English Is it possible and can you make it? Thanks
  2. Stojke


    The problem is that the program that I run (v1.01.132) didn't send a notice that there is a new version, and in that one(1.01), there is no file/print option... Okay, anyway, I've updated the speccy, so problem is solved! Thanks
  3. Stojke


    I saw somewhere in the forum that people mentioned printing your whole configuration, so I wanted to ask how can I do it the easiest way? Thanks
  4. Okay, okay, I get it... Bad idea... :|
  5. This just came out of nowhere. Why wouldn't you insert somewhere in programs estimated time until it finishes the current task? I mean, you can insert that both in CCleaner, Defragler and Recuva. It's nothing complicated, and it can be useful... I think...
  6. That's why I'll go to W7 instantly But still, it's possible it's not because of windows because some admin told earlier in this thread that "It's a common problem for users of degragler..."
  7. Upgrading to SP3 is 100 euros here, so I don't know if I'll do that or go to W7 instantly... Anyway what does that help solving the actual problem?
  8. I don't know it that can really help, but all right... I'm using SP2 all my life My RAM is 2 slots with 1 GB on 533HZ each CPU is Intel core 2 quad 2,44 GHz
  9. Sure thing. Log attached P.S. Thanks on welcoming, it a nice forum Defraggler.exe.1_18_1852010-05-05_12-59.txt
  10. Yeah, but it doesn't do much. It says: "Some files could not be defragmented" And by some, it means all, because the pic before and after def are 100% the same :|
  11. I hate to do this to people. This is what happened after I did what you've suggested. (I even tried to kill all processes, but it still didn't work.) Of course, I clicked Y, so when I rebooted, the following happened: Still, when the process was SUCCESSFULLY finished, it still wouldn't run defragment of drive C.
  12. Hi I'll try to be as short as possible. First of all, program is nicely done, I really like it But, I have a little problem. I've made a screenshot, to make things easier So, as you can see, drive D is defragmenting with no problems at all BUT, it constantly shows me "Building File List Failed" error whenever I try to analyze or defragment drive C. Please help me out Thanks P.S. If there is a thread solving this problem, please redirect me
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