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  1. How can I do this? can you please give me step by step instructions? Thanks Where can I download Hirens tools from? Thanks
  2. Hi, One day, I was watching a movie online and all of a sudden my computer froze and then I waited for several minutes and then it crashed by itself. I turned it back on and it wont boot up. There is no Windows logo or any log on the screen. All it is, is the Dell logo and an F2 and F12 select options. After that it is a dark screen and it wont load up. I'm not sure what is going on. Can anyone tell me what I can do myself to solve this problem? I have had this computer for a while so there is no warranty. It is a Dell Inspirion Mini 10. It has Windows XP SP3. I have all the setup CDs. Can someone tell me how to reboot the computer or something. Thanks so much in advance. Please forgive me if I posted in the wrong section. Regards UrPhrend (Mike)
  3. thanks guys for the safe mode tip. its working like a charm. now how do i import things safe mode settings to the normal settings? safe mode doesnt allow audio and the eye candy is all gone. any suggestions to what i should do next? cheers.
  4. How do I get myself to go into safe mode?
  5. Hi there, I'm not sure whether this is the right place to post my problem as i am unsure what type of problem it is. If it's not in the right place then please move it to the right one. Thank you. I have downloaded all the internet browsers on filehippo.com and tried out all of them. In each one I have the same problem. The browsers will not load completely. One out of six times it will load completely. I am unable to download from websites. It will start to download and when its just about to finish it will get stuck at the last second. I am unable to watch youtube. It loads all the way to the last second and then it gets stuck. Pictures NEVER load properly. For those that are wandering how I am able to download the interenet browsers and hijackthis. I used my phone. I have done a HijackThis log and hopefully someone can help me out. Thanks in advance to any help given to me.
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