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  1. I actually took this a couple of days ago, right now my desktop is cluttered with icons.
  2. It is as it is, just simply all the folders are under Piriform. Which is their own fault for not actually reading what the installation program tells them.
  3. I've... never had problems, except when the site was down of course. But I've never really had it go down on me.
  4. You might be mistaken as to what I'm asking for; right now Piriform products omit the "Piriform" directories I'm looking for and install under Program Files/Start Menu as is (so four install folders stuck in Program Files/on Start Menu).
  5. Before we throw up the May topic, can I ask why imageshack is a no-go for these threads?
  6. Alice-1


    Microsoft Security Essentials is a great free anti-virus straight from the Windows guys themselves; I can't imagine using anything else for long.
  7. It's very small, just concerning install directory; wouldn't it be better to place products in a "C:\Program Files\Piriform\" directory by default, as well as placing Start Menu shortcuts in subdirectories under a "Piriform" directory?
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