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  1. I was moved here too because of the new v5 update. After the first installation, I was struck by the pale and flat design. What a departure from the familar, clear and efficient design. Seems that a lot of people have the same issue too. That I wasn't too keen about the new monitoring portion of the program introduce earlier which is always in memory and doesn't go away after closing CC (you can desable this, but it's hidden in the options) I used CCleaner for years now and it was doing it's job properly but this update just made me look around for an alternative and guess what ? there are now much better ones and free too. Of course we can't name them here but I moved on to a better one which dramatically found a lot more useless stuff while still remaining safe. Sadly Piriform has push me away from their software and that's a bad marketing decision. You don't change a product that is well accepted and work well. All this storm would have been avoid by simply providing a user choice. The same reason why Windows 8 has been an unnecessary desaster.
  2. so after many years and countless programs running, hard gaming, multi boot OS (linux,XP,W7-32-64 bits), your little program found a flaw in my system ! yeah right ... P.S NO there is no hd or memory errors
  3. sorry I was a bit piss about that but that`s not fair for the developers. Maybe I am an insolated case. I am very knowledegable with computers and my machines are always maintained in top shape and rock solid. That`s why I haven`t seen a BS like that in a long time. I suspect may be the program is accessing a sensor which cause the blue screen. In any case, I don`t feel borking my XP at repetition just to test that program. I was using the latest version available by the way. I can only give you my specs to help. Asus A8N-E AMD Opteron 180 2 GB Ocz Nvidia 8800GT XP Pro Personnally I prefer to use Hwinfo32 which works fine all the time everywhere. Good luck !
  4. just tried it on my Windows XP. The program run for a while then Windows blue screen with "kernel_data_inpage _error". I never seen a program do that for many years now. Wow pretty nasty little program you got there. Need a little bit of work.
  5. armagedon51

    Speccy crash

    Ditto, sadly this latest version crash my system too. Have to do a hard reset. ASUS A8N-E Opteron 180 Nvidia 8800gt 2 GB ram 250 seagate 500 seagate
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