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  1. I know this question might not be the best for these boards but here it goes. I have a Motorola Rokr which most people know has iTunes, well is at least suposed to. I got it from my step-sister and you go to open up iTunes but all it says is "Do Not Disconect", when it is not conected to the computer. However if I take out the Micro SD card iTunes will open fine but not have any music. So I think the Micro SD card is shot, And was wondering if anyone thought if I got a new card it would work?
  2. blbob14

    USB problems

    Hi, I built a computer it has an ASUS motherboard, Pentium 4, 768 RAM, Windows XP Pro SP2 and 10 USB ports. They all worked fine for a year. I got an Iriver H10 MP3 Player for Christmas. Put a lot of music on it, diconected it, and went to print and couldn't so I checked all my USB ports and they are all dead. I went to the Device Manager and they are all "Working Prperly" however anything I plug in it dosen't recognize it. Help Please! Thanx, Blbob14
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