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  1. Today I was doing an update and I noticed a new checkbox I had not seen before in your installation package: "Replace Windows Disk Defragmenter" What exactly does this do? If I have a Windows 7 computer that's already set up to have Windows Disk Defragmenter set up to do regular weekly defrags, does that mean that this is no longer going to work, because Defraggler is installed? What are the implications of installing Defraggler with this "Replace Windows Disk Defragmenter" option enabled on an Active Directory network where regular defragmentation is managed by Group Policy?
  2. I'm experiencing a lot of problems with Windows Media Player recording television programs (using it like a DVR). Would it be helpful (and safe) to have CCleaner delete the numerous 512MB cache files found at: C:\Users\Public\Recorded TV\TempRec\TempSBE\ They take up gigabytes on my hard drive and never seem to go away.
  3. On my three-year-old quad-core Intel Core 2 system, running Windows 7 64-bit with 4GB RAM, frequently I encounter massive slowdowns in playback from Hulu, Netflix Watch Instantly (through FireFox), and using Netflix directly inside Windows Media Center. Now I know that the problems often could be on the end of the servers streaming the content, but it's usually helpful for me to run CCleaner and then reboot. Is there anything you guys can do to further tune the process of clearing caches and removing temporary files for applications like Windows Media Center, Netflix and Hulu?
  4. Isn't there some way you can access and list which PCI or other expansion slots on the motherboard have cards in them, and detailed information about the make model and specifications of the cards that are installed? For instance, my home PC has a Hauppauge television receiver card in a PCIx slot, but Speccy doesn't know about it. BTW, I have registered and paid for my personal home copies of CCleaner, Defraggler and Recuva, (for my Intel quad-core Windows 7 system) and I have recommended your programs to my boss at my day job where we have about 10 workstations to maintain. Hopefully I ca
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