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  1. I have a 64gb SSD. So I guess wait until I get to 50gb, then do the cleaning. Good advice?
  2. Did you say do not use CCleaner too often on a SSD? What is wrong with getting off the cookies and other junk on there like whats on the trash bin everyday? Is it OK to clean out the Registry once a week?
  3. I try PrefectDisk 11 and still, my C drive is still not defrag after doing a bootup to defrag. I am getting my first SSD tomorrow.
  4. Cleaner - Advanced - "Wipe Free Space" This should be uncheck. Got it! ===== Options - Settings - "Wipe Free Space Drives" 2 questions: * Do I Uncheck C:\ ? * Do I Uncheck "Wipe MF Free Space" ?
  5. Can someone tell me what I should and should not do with CCleaner on a SSD? What to check and uncheck when I clean. Thanks!
  6. So in actual fact it is not a complete defrag? I have to use other software?
  7. How does Defraggler defrag lock files or files thats in use? Do those files get ignored? Even if I boot to safe mode, does that help?
  8. I have on my BIOS set it to AHCI. Speecy says all my hard drive is in IDE mode? I am confused. I dont know who is right. Is there any other place to verify on the computer?
  9. I much prefer portable software. Nothing to install and no mess. Thanks for the software.
  10. I have two video card on my machine. They are not SLi. Only one of them show up. Thanks for the software!
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