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  1. 'How else would they make revenue on a free program keeping it free' I have suggested in the past that they consider the wikipedia model - On occasion [or even regularly] request a small donation. Whatever the user can afford maybe $1 or maybe $5. I have made small donations to wikipedia on several occasions because I use it frequently and it somewhat relieves my guilt for using the service regularly for free. Probably averaged around $10/year, depending on my bank account. I might suggest something like "If you use this product regularly and cannot afford the professional edition c
  2. I have no idea what changed, but the notifications are working again. It seemed to have stopped for a few hours but magically got fixed and works now.
  3. Hello, Since I have auto-updated to 5.70 Pro, ccleaner no longer notifies me about automatic browser cleanup. This has worked in the past. If this has already been discussed I apologize but I could not find it.
  4. I can confirm this problem has been fixed, Thanks Dave. The installer [in my case] was wanting to install AVG with Ccleaner. I wish piriform [and all other companies as well] would stop this practice of packaging unwanted software with other products. I do not care for AVG and if I change my mind in the future I already know where to get it. I did not know MS now has a GUI to change this PUA option so at least I learned something new. Even with the GUI making it very easy to turn on/off PUA detection I personally would not recommend disabling it, but you can do what ever you like
  5. The problem is back [08/07/2020], it has something to do with bundling multiple applications in the installation exe. It generates a PUA violation [aka PUP]. for those using Windows Defender and not getting the error, the Defender PUA detection at some point was turned off in Defender as default and needs to be manually turned back on. PUA indicates Potentially Unwanted Application. It is more commonly known as PUP for Potentially Unwanted Program. use PowerShell to enable the protection. Use the following cmdlet: Set-MpPreference -PUAProtection Enabled or Set-MpPrefe
  6. Hello, I have a Dell 9000 with I7-975EE CPU [using Windows 7 Pro 64bit]. Speccy is reporting 2 cores with 4 threads [HT]. I checked BIOS and it says to use ALL cores, so it should report 4 cores and either 4 or 8 threads. I'm not sure if HT is enabled and can not find out how to tell, Dell's BIOS does not have an option for HT. Device manager is reporting 8 CPU's so I think that means HT is enabled [but I'm not sure]. In any case I think [hope] there is a bug in Speccy [] not detecting all 4 Cores. BTW: Great Product. Thanks, - Dave
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