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  1. I will thats a good idea i will do that.. thank you
  2. OO yea sorry My OS is a Windows Vista home.. and video card IS GeForce 8800 GTX 512MB... i tried updating new drivers but it didn't seem to help.. even when i started you tube video my screen looses color and freezes
  3. Hi guys... so last night i was playing WOW and all of the sudden my screen froze picture got all messed up and it wont respond to any commands not even Ctrl+Alt+Delete... when i took the side of my computer and touched the video card it was REALLY HOT after i let it cool down a little i was able to load the computer again.. after like 4 minutes the same thing happend lost all the colors on the screen and i had to press reset to rebut.. so guys before im running to buy a new video card tell me what you think thank you...
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